Seattleites: You'll soon be able to hitch a free ride in a 1967 Checker Cab

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I’d move to Seattle just for this


I still remember riding in one of these.


I thought the Marathon and the Cab were two different vehicles? I’ve driven a Marathon and ridden in many of the cabs, but it was too long ago for accurate memory.

I knew I liked you for some reason! :smiling_imp: :smile:


One of the last of these running in NYC was/is “disco cab” checker cab decked out with shag carpet and miniature disco balls. He’d pull up and shout “welcome to disco cab!”. Always playing funky 70s tunes. Miss that guy.

IIRC Marathon was the model name for the model as a non-fleet/taxi sedan. Same car. Different trim.

Casually people refer to the model as a marathon. And any cab built out of a civilian model is technically a Marathon rather than a number designated cab.


I’d bring my wife along, but with the older cab and safety standards being what they are, I’d be worried about bringing her to a…

Death cab for cutie.

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I’m committed to having Miss Direction’s ’67 Marathon Checker Cab on the road by November 11, 2018.

You’d better, now that I’m all excited and stuff.

Girl I knew in college had an old Checker she drove around it, very cool ride, roomy as all get out in back.

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