Second Idaho hospital will no longer deliver babies

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My wife’s tribe is from North Idaho. We were talking this morning about this situation with healthcare restrictions from these new laws. Even though she lived in the reservation she was born in Spokane. This is because traffic leaving the reservation to get to Coeur d’Alene would be subjected to “random” stops by cops who just enjoyed tormenting natives. Since her reservation borders Washington state exactly it was easier for tribal members to get healthcare in Spokane as there would be no harassment from Idaho cops.

I asked her what would happen if Idaho state police or whatever tried setting up a checkpoint on the border to stop the passage of women seeking healthcare, to which she said “Let them fucking try!”


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White nationalist movements, including the one that’s largely taken over Idaho, are at least as sexist as they are racist. Yes, they do want as many women dead as possible. And they’ll be less circumspect about that as time goes on.


It’s been well established that these policies hurt whites as much if not more than POC.

This is truly a case of cutting one’s nose off to spite one’s face. They’d rather suffer than let even one “other” to receive anything of benefit.


There you go. Hospitals which have no problem with the Idaho laws are prepared to step up.

Something about that quote though…can’t put my finger on it…


I predict the inability of doctors of obstetrics to be able to practice in the state is eventually going to have financial effects, since people won’t want to live somewhere they can’t raise a family. So love of money republicans will eventually win out over the love of performative cruelty republicans. Yay? It would be nice if the legislators could be sued by the relatives of any patients injured by the lack of doctors able to practice in the region.


I’m obviously not expecting them to do it because it’s the right thing to do or because they care about women as people; but I remain puzzled by their apparent ignorance of or disinterest in the role of quality obstetric practice in securing a future for white children.

I’d be morbidly curious to know what the breakdown is between assuming that a prosperous and functional society is basically the default so you can just expect it to continue even if you sink all your time into harassing people you dislike rather than getting a real job and seeing no real hope of prosperity or functionality and distracting yourself from the unpleasantness of being in the crab bucket by being extra sure that the wrong sort of crabs are kept in and trampled down to the degree possible.


Already happening, but will accelerate.


Because some probably view modern medicine as a conspiracy against white people. Let’s not forget the overlap between the far right white supremacists and the anti-vaxx movement. Since they are looking backwards at an entirely mythical, white wash past, they don’t understand just how often children died young, because of what are now easily preventable diseases.


I think we can’t discount nihilism as a motivator. Ultimately, they know they’re not going to succeed, that their movement is a dead end, and that their supporters are an increasingly small minority. And if they can’t win, they’re willing to pull it all down around their ears, just to make sure everyone else loses, too.


. . . by choice. They still fully expect young 'uns.


Very true. There’s also people who’ve yet to have a significant health problem, and think that health and health issues are a meritocracy that’s not applicable to them because they’re good people. The ones who said “I don’t need health insurance, , I never get sick”, without the awareness that hospitals and cancer wards are full of people who said that, until they got sick. The lack of understanding is an order of magnitude higher for many men/legislators who incorrectly think they understand women’s health issues.


I Don’t think this is true, at least for white women. They want (white) women compliant. And all of this shit they do is meant to scare them into obedience. A dead woman does serve any purpose, except as a warning.


And they don’t realize how quickly their health status can change-a slip and fall, a work injury, a toxic exposure-its the invincibility of ignorance.


The people promoting this type of crackdown always have an out; they have money and connections, so that leopard will never eat my face.


They inconvenience wealthy people. They impact the less wealthy. Rich folks can always go where the care is. Poor folks cannot. Considering relative poverty rates among Native Americans, Hispanics and Blacks vs whites, I’m not sure that is true. Certainly, poor whites will take a huge hit, but i doubt the fascists think of them at all.

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When it comes to policy, one can go with carrots and/or sticks, the Republicans are fully committed to sticks-only. Big fucking sticks with nails in them. And the nails are poisoned. Yet it doesn’t seem to occur to them that ultimately their policies work directly against some of their goals.



Once something gets tagged as sacred, thinking about it in terms of consequences is taboo. This whole category of actions is a particularly bad example of that.


Actually Idaho is having a lot of population growth of people moving from California. I’m sure people do move for issues like reproductive rights, social values more generally, and so on, but a lot of people move for quality of life issues, like low crime, good schools, and not having large homeless populations, and cost of living issues, and Idaho is doing much better on those than California, so people are moving. This is really wrong - Californians should instead fix those issues, but on an individual level, people can’t change things but they can move.

Life-long Boise residents are truly unhappy about what Californians have done to Boise real estate prices, so many are moving there.

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