Secrets from games that you can't find by playing them

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Many of these hidden bits can be revealed/played through the use of mods. For instance, the Planescape Torment unfinished business mod restores a bunch of the unimplemented quests in the game.


Thank god for the code combers who find the cut features in the game for the mod makers to exploit

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Does anyone remember the “Nickname” item from pokemon? (It was nickname followed by a bunch of weird characters)

You could only get it via Gameshark, and when you used it your whole party appeared. You could then move up down left or right (regardless of barriers). It was super glitchy and weird and if you saved in a forbidden zone the game was effectively over and sometimes the save wouldn’t even load.

(I may have parked a friend on the other side of a safari zone fence as a prank in middle school :wink: )

Or via Gameshark

Did they just decide to not make them anymore or was the DMCA a factor since they could be circumvention devices?

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