See 1372 robots dab simultaneously


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I for one welcome our new dancing robot overlords.


Nowhere in this video do I see a properly-executed dab.

Editorial standards at BoingBoing continue to plummet.


Pfft. I can dance better than that. (I don’t know about 1372 times better.)


For some reason, maybe all the grey concrete, maybe the inevitability of military robots, I couldn’t help but think of past displays of synchronized Italians…



i know right? i watched the whole dang video - and did not see a single dab!


now if they get robots to play the John Cena theme on a recorder? i would be interested


Are they calling this a dab? Because it isn’t!


The robots will take over the world. It is inevitable.


less unnecessarily large placards of words explaining the self explanatory and less talking suits walking around…MORE ACTUAL FOOTAGE OF THE ROBOTS PLEASE.

I hate people who make videos like this.


Looks like a reverse dab, so…

(wait for it)

…a “bad”?



Should I feel old because I don’t know what a dab is? At least in this context?




Hey, at least I was familiar with the hash oil meaning. Cuz like, I read about it or something…


So were they dancing to music? Why doesn’t the video show the whole routine? I couldn’t see anything simultaneously cause the stupid toys were spaced so far apart. Just call me cranky.


I am doing the robot right now. In a hall of mirrors.


“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be a robotic dance off.” ~ Einstein, slightly paraphrased


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