See Sir Ben Kingsley play Salvador Dalí in 'Dalíland' trailer

Originally published at: See Sir Ben Kingsley play Salvador Dalí in 'Dalíland' trailer | Boing Boing


this is one of those casting choices where i see it and go, “omg, of course Ben Kingsley should play Dalí! BRILLIANT!!”

i can’t wait for this.

Also, this clip of him talking about his experiences and approach to Dalí is really good:


And with Barbara Sukowa playing his wife, I expect great things from the film.


But can he be as good as Emo Philips?


Pete Davidson Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live

It doesn’t sound like they’re acknowledging the fact that Dali was a fascist and a misogynistic abuser of women.

Like Gaugin, Picasso, and so many more, Dali is a another ubiquitous “great” man of art history best set aside in favor of marginalized artists doing more interesting and less ethically fraught work.

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