See the driver's licenses belonging to Hitchcock, Johnny Cash, De Niro, and others

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You can auction off official state photo IDs? Or are these black market auctions?

When visiting Graceland, years ago, I got a replica Elvis license. It got a laugh out of every bank teller. I never tested it on the police. Anybody want to give it a go? I bet they’ll laugh so hard!


Does anyone else see Anton Chigurh from No Country for Old Men in that DeNiro photo?


So if you were Liberace you didn’t have to give a first name on your license?


De Niro was an ACTUAL taxi driver??

Mind. Blown.


The unflattering photos on some of these make me feel a little better about my perennially unflattering ID photos.


His mohawk wasn’t real though. You’d think he’d commit to the haircut, but I guess they had to shoot out of sequence for whatever reason…

So Robert De Niro was once Alfalfa.

They are all expired documents, most of them belonging to dead people.

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And if you were Janis Joplin you wouldn’t have to look at the camera or clear your face from hair.

The method actors’ actor.

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