DMV refused license to teen until he removed makeup




How did you get them to use a photo of Tim Minchin on your license (sic)?


You rebel scum.


Ah, but in Pennsylvania they obviously care nothing about the Bible, which says, "No makeup for boys, for it is an abomination unto the LORD." (Neuteronomy 14:2)


That was pretty conservative as makeup goes. How would they react to a girl who showed up in heavy eye makeup that hid her facial features?


Reminds me of the guy who waited for hours to get his license. When he saw the picture he complained. "I waited around all morning for this, and now I look all grumpy in the picture." Said the DMV staff "I wouldn't worry about that, sir. When you get pulled over, that's what you're going to look like."

When Culpepper removed his makeup, wasn't that "misrepresent[ing] his or her identity"?

My like was for "This is supposed to be the one branch of government properly trained in not giving a fuck." Here in Ontario, their objection would have been to the smile. I was told to adopt a neutral expression. I think I did pretty good, but if I ever take up method acting, I'm not sure I'd be able to draw on that experience to act "neutral".


Parks said that the staff at the DMV acted in accordance to policy. She said that Culpepper will not be allowed to take his photo with makeup because he needs to look like a male, as indicated on his legal identification.

When did the DMV develop a set of guidelines for gender expression? I know several women who cut their hair very short. I guess if they want to get a South Carolina driver's license they'll need to put on a wig.


If that's what he'll look like if he gets pulled over, that's what he should look like on the licence. Minus the smile, possibly.

Also: Rob, you'll always be Class: A in my book.


That is one brave young person. I am reminded how easy have I have it compared to so many others.


Happy early birthday, because I won't remember in 2 weeks.


Do they demand that women wear make-up so that they "look the way a girl should"?


I wanna know how you managed to convince them to let you rock the slit-pupil contact lenses on your DL mugshot.


I'm pretty sure there are laws or at the very least guidelines about obscuring your features. I know I've been asked to take off my hat for the photo. If you showed up in some 80s glam-rock Boy George/Ziggy Stardust, your awesome license could probably not be taken regardless of gender.


If the included photo is Culpepper with makeup, I dare suggest he wouldn't look much different without. That's some might fine 'natural' make-up work, there. Better than this female can do for certain.


That and include part of the shirt but cut off the top of the head.


Nice try at concern trolling, but the individual denied their license photo was not presenting glam-rock, and, in fact folks recognized as female by DMV staff are permitted to wear even more extreme make-up.


A few months from now, there'll be a news item about this person getting hassled by cops -- or a judge -- for wearing make-up, and they'll claim it was because it made the person look so different from the photo on their license.


Apparently "Rob" believes that his real first name name is private, and Pittsburgh is a shameful place to live


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