Trans teen wins the right to look like herself in driver's license photo



Do they still have a rule against cisgendered men wearing makeup? I have a hunch they don’t make TV and movie personalities wash their faces before having their driver’s license photos taken.


Why wouldn’t you want an ID photo to reflect everyday appearance? Also ciswoman get to wear makeup. Isn’t that also a disguise?


Oh good, it looks like the policy change will extend to all people, not just transgendered individuals:

Under the terms of the settlement, the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles agreed to change its policy to allow people seeking drivers’ licenses to be photographed as they regularly present themselves, even if their appearance does not match the officials’ expectations of how the applicant should look.

The article doesn’t mention whether trans people are allowed to list the gender they identify as rather than their biological sex. I’m guessing that varies by state.


I stopped at South Caroina and figured out the rest on my own.
It’s hard enough to grow up today, please stop making it harder SC!

PS. The South will rise again. [sarcasm]


Good luck getting most women to do official photos without makeup. I thought mine was prepping for a magazine cover when she did her last passport shots. :smiley:

Hey, it’s pretty damn important that the random Homeland Security officer who grumpily checks your passport when you reenter the country is aware that, when properly done-up, you too could be a supermodel.


That’s why I always hose them off and examine them under a strong light.


trans and genderqueer people in South Carolina will now be allowed to take license photos that reflect their everyday appearance.

Thus fulfilling the clear, unambiguous purpose of that photo.


I believe that every state in the U.S.A. allows one to acquire a driver’s license matching the gender one presents as, although some require gender reconstructive surgery, some an amended birth certificate, and others just a court order.

What exact nefarious activity could one be attempting by having an ID that does NOT look like themselves…?

Until I can think of a single example, I’m assuming the S.C. DMV guys were just purposefully being homophobic/bigoted assholes.

It’s not that you’d present the license that looks not-like-you to get away with something, it’s that that photo is on record as being what Ian McLoud looks like, so you’d go do your dastardly deeds looking like the just-rolled-out-of-bed version of you and the Wanted poster they print up from your DMV photo wouldn’t match.

(Just guessing.)

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That seems like a reach. Although… I like it…

But I’m not convinced enough to not consider those guys assholes.

I thought in the South it was mandated for CIS gendered women to wear makeup?

(Alabama born and Alabama bred, and when I die I’m Alabama dead).

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I’m swooning over here, man.

I believe this is only if it’s a gender they’ve already heard of, one of the old classics. If it’s a newer one, they are probably far less cooperative.


Adding this:


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