Pastafarian Asia Carrera wears colander hat for driver license photo


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Can you claim to be both a pastafarian and an atheist?

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Yes, as it’s a mock religion. Often atheists use it as a substitute or placeholder. I have heard there are instances where a religion is asked for paperwork purposes, and will often be biased against atheists. This happens fairly often in the military, i’ve seen cases where someone will put atheist in their paperwork and a superior will change it to christian later on.
Also people put pastafarian on as a way to deride the ridiculous exemptions religious people get that others don’t get to have.


Also wanted to comment directly about the article: I wonder if satanists are allowed any special headgear for DL pictures. Like that one satanist church Boing Boing mentions often i just forget the particular group’s name, they are also a parody church like pastafarians and i would be really curious what their take on these ID exemptions are.

I won’t believe it’s a real religion until they kill some people.


I know I’m supposed to be thinking about the hat and religious freedom, but I keep coming back to “an adult film star living in Utah? WTF’s up with that?”


I don’t think she’s doing adult work anymore. Which is a shame as I don’t think we’ve had a Pastafarian porn star since Long Jeanne Silver.

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But if you are an atheist, then it doesn’t make sense for you to wear religious headgear for your license photo? The same is true if you believe pastafarianism is a joke religion. Only if you seriously believe in his noodly awesomeness or whatever should you wear the colander.

What if you believe that everyone should have equal rights, and that belief should not entitle one to special dispensations. Then the colander is a workaround - a way of saying that while you can write laws that give rights to the religious that can’t be claimed by atheists, you can’t enforce those laws without turning into the inquisition


Soo - is this some sort of drive for acceptance of cultural diversity, or are they just mocking cultural minorities?

The practice over here in Europe is generally that if you never leave the house without it - eyeglasses, hijab, turban, skaut, whatever, fine; it should be in your ID photo. If not, take it off or stop wasting our time. What your imaginary friend thinks about the matter is utterly uninteresting.

I don’t know about you, but I somehow doubt she’ll be wearing kitchen utensils on a regular basis. Though we may hope someone out there does.

How 'bout mocking religion in general?

I believe she said something in the After Porn Ends documentary about Utah being a good place for retirement, as in not being recognized all the time.

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Heh, great job at keeping a low profile.

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Wouldn’t be the first:


Bigotry is frowned upon here, sir!


It’s not about mocking cultural minorities. As far as I know, we haven’t had the issue with banning religious headgear that France does. The exception would be religious headgear that obscures the face — a burqa or niqab would make an ID photo useless, and are thus not allowed.

Women in burqas are probably unlikely to need driver’s licenses, but I wonder how customs desks at airports handle them? Is there a separate private room where their faces can be matched to their passports by female agents?


She’s always been awesome


From reading her wiki page, it sounds like she ended up in Utah by accident, having moved there to start a new life with her new husband and kids, but the husband died in a car crash while she was pregnant with another kid.

I’ve known at least a couple of people who had similar stories:

An eccentric loner was traveling around the country living in a mini wooden house on wheels he made himself, and landed in UT when his house broke down. 20 years later he’s still in the same boarding house in downtown Salt Lake City.

A heroin addict on a fixed income moved from San Francisco to Salt Lake City because it turns out he could get more and better heroin in SLC. Apparently prohibiting alcohol doesn’t solve everything.

Seriously, Salt Lake City is dry?

I don’t know how that would work. I mean, I’ve been to a few dry counties, but a major city?

Or maybe the person wearing it just has a sense of humor and thinks it’s funny.

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