See the new Star Trek 50th Anniversary Barbie dolls


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It looks like Kirk and Spock can be preordered, but I don’t see anything about Uhura. Anyone have a link?

See the new Star Trek 50th Anniversary Barbie dolls
That's "See the new Star Trek 50th Anniversary Barbie action figures".*
  • “Mister Spock. How…is your…relationship…status?”
    “Captain, I feel that Bobby is the cutest boy on our starship. I long to duel over him during Pon Farr.”


Dark Helmet: Did you see anything?

Colonel Sanders: No, sir! I didn’t see you playing with your dolls again!



But how can a Barbie be a Barbie if it’s not Barbie? What an epistemological nightmare!


It says ‘Barbie’ right on the box… in teeny tiny letters, next to the words “Black Label.”


For once the plastic hair feels entirely appropriate, eh?


If marketing has taught me anything, it’s that limited edition anniversary black label collections released to boost profits and recognition of a flagging brand are always worth a 500% mark-up!


eh, Spock looks right, Kirk is about right if we’re talking first-season Shatner, but Uhura was never a waif. Gotta thicken her on up, Mattel.


I don’t know; every time I look I see Quinto more than I see Nimoy.


Man, just seeing Kirk holding that phaser reminded me why the Exploration set was one of my favorite toys growing up:

Maybe I need to replace mine right about now…


I don’t need these. I don’t have the space for these. But I really want them anyway. :crying_cat_face:


At least they got her face correct.


Plays well with the Barbie & Ken Star Trek Giftset (30th Anniversary Collector Edition) from 1996? Meh, those dolls are lame, as were the 2009 Star Trek movie figures; the young Spock is barely adequate, but the others are far too generic. You need to start swapping heads in order to build your dream team of bridge officers. This etsy creation is a good start, though it relies heavily on the vintage Barbie aesthetic:

These OOAK dolls go a bit further, and I think are on the right track:

And I’m surprised by the lack of TNG Barbie figures; after a brief search, I can only find one worthy of mention, but this Seven of Nine Voyager doll is a real standout:


I had to Google to learn why I have never seen a set of Spaceballs action figures: “George Lucas gave Mel Brooks his blessing to make Spaceballs on the condition that no action figures be made, as they could be confused with actual Star Wars toys.”

But you can’t stop a Lego guru!


Or at least give her knees a 3rd dimension…


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