See this bionic dog from 1959


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Back when it was okay to turn dogs into cyborgs just to see what would happen. Science!


In the name of “science”, what were they thinking?


I assume they were thinking, “let’s test this new medical technology on animals before we try it on humans.”


Morbid curiosity begs the question; just how long did the animal live after such a procedure?


its still alive, but nowadays its more machine than dog


Shouldn’t it be the other way around?


Nope. If you test and refine it over hundreds of brain-dead humans, then there isn’t a need to test it on a dog afterwards. Of course, finding hundreds of brain-dead-but-alive humans is going to be a problem.


I know that’s what they do nowadays with cosmetics, but just because lipstick looks terrible on Sarah Palin that doesn’t mean it won’t look great on a pig.


Hey, it’s Dick Cheney’s dog.


Not in my neighborhood.


I see what you did there.


Flounce Warning for those who have traumatic memories of their robotic dogs.


Actually, I was expecting to see this again:


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