See you in court: amid protests, shameless Wisconsin GOP neuters the incoming governor in an all-night, lame-duck session


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Why do people behave this way? What is the motivation of the few to hurt the many?


Power corrupts.


I’m in Wisconsin, and have all sorts of important opinions about this horrible legislation. But the pedant in me is winning out:

Should really be “Despite sub-freezing temperatures”, it’s been in the twenties around here. Or maybe Boing Boing is Metric? In which case: way to go!


Meanwhile those same people claim it was inappropriate for Obama to nominate a Supreme Court justice in his final year?


Because they’ve confused conquering with governing.

Legitimate government derives its power from the consent of the governed.

But hyper-partisan, neo-conservatives approach governing with a win-at-all-costs philosophy, and that very easily leads to a conquest mentality.

This is very analogous to a “scorched earth” strategy of a retreating army.

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Starting to prefer “farcical aquatic ceremonies.”


Minnesotan here, but the 20s are technically sub-freezing temps. The freezing point is 32 Fahrenheit. You might be thinking of sub-zero temps.

/carry on

Edited to clarify that I meant for my comment to support your statement, not reply to yours directly. Gah!


…a slate of reforms that would neuter the power of the incoming governor…

These are not “reforms,” just as the GOP tax plan was not “tax reform.” They love to call their shenanigans “reform,” when it’s only cover for something diabolical.



Many POTUS powers come from legislation, not the constitution, so they could similarly be revoked by congress.


Can confirm. In Canada, Cory is indeed a unit of measure.

(Also (mainly for Canucks) only Metric is Metric.)


Do you play board games? Let me suggest Catan- a seemingly innocent little game of gathering resources, trading, and city building.
I have often wondered what it feels like for a sociopath lacking all empathy, as it is difficult/impossible for me to really understand it. But I realized when playing an innocent game of Catan that I would easily attack my opponents weaknesses and hamper their efforts at every possible chance I would get- just one act of kindness can lose you a game, but brutal indifference yields winning conditions. Catan is now my gold standard for understanding politicians.


Man these f@#ks really know how to play dirty.


Yes, my campaign to use SI as the default is winning out!


Now we just need a competition to work out what Cory is a measure of.


And power attracts the corruptible (and those who were already corrupt).


If FAC was a reality, the GOP would examine all bodies of water for gerrymandering ops.


They’ve killed politics and replaced it with open war.


Won’t this backfire in a future Dem-dominated legislature?