Sega Saturn Devouring His Son

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Merry Goya y’all!


It has real promise.


Sounds like it had the potential to be a fun game and its cancellation surely hurt console sales but it sounds like even the lead engineers recognized it wouldn’t have been anything truly groundbreaking. If one of your most promising exclusive titles is a clone of something that already exists then it’s going to be hard to convince gamers to drop the cash to buy a new console.

It was a Star Fox clone… I’m not going to say we had any amazing ideas [but] we had a cool narrative that was very different and we actually had a very diverse cast


There was a lot of animosity back then between the Japanese and American divisions of Sega which no doubt was a contributor. The company has had a pretty wild history through the decades. It’s amazing they managed to stay afloat but I’m glad they did. There’s some really top notch stuff coming from the company’s studios these days.

Yuji Naka is a legend and an important part of gaming history. Sad that he seems to be a real asshole as well.

That image bringing together the Roman pantheon and a dad joke.

Day made.

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