Self-described Christian nationalist school board hopeful quotes Hitler in disturbing church speech

The fact that it’s the exact same Hitler quote also speaks to what a talking point echo chamber these people exist in. Someone (probably a Fox pundit or Alex Jones) thought it was clever to try and use that quote to paint liberals as fascists (it’s always projection) and now within 48 hours they’re all using that same line.


Was just about to reply with something similar. I wonder if it appeared on some blog or in some literature that these types of people get. In a newsletter or something. The fact that they’re all saying it out loud at once cannot be a coincidence.


They think they are winning and can now fly their fascist flag proudly… they believe that they are simultaneously the silent majority AND the beleaguered minority standing up for the “real” Americans…


OMFG… Talk about saying the quiet part out loud! Name checking their heroes. Not for conservative values, whatever they call it. It’s straight up authoritarian values they are harking back to. When the peons knew their place, or were put there, by overwhelming state-sponsored terrorism.


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Sacrilege! Using a foreign made assault rifle instead of the holy domestic AR-15 knockoff.


That’s unfair to toddlers everywhere. The vast majority have a very intense sense of fair play and equality. Now, it often involved them being equal to you in every way, but still, equality. Il Douche has never even considered such concepts, and would reject their very existence if pressed.


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