Self medicating with strangely comforting gifs


Yeah, and somehow neon 80’s club types dancing badly in their stocking feet makes the day a little harder.

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This one is kind of hypnotic and dreamy:

Pulp fiction! It’s Pulp Fiction!!!


What’s that animal in the second to last gif?
Do they like being kept as pets?

Thanks, Maggie! You were awesome!

It’s a sugar glider. They are lovely little creatures, but there are also some significant drawbacks to keeping them as pets. Some places, like Pocket Pets in malls, like to capitalize on their cuteness and advertise that these are low maintenance pets. Definitely not the case.

Great resource:

I had two sugar gliders and that gif recreates what mine looked like when they were very scared and about to bite. They will crab (make a very loud noise) and try to make themselves bigger to scare away predators. So, seeing that image as a “comforting” makes me a bit sad.


A volcano? A scared critter? 80’s neon sock-feet dancing couple? I think you mean “strange and uncomfortable”.

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What’s comforting about a volcano? Or a tiny whatever-the-hell-that-is shrieking in terror?

Don’t be a stranger!

I dunno. I live right by Mount Rainier, and some days, when things are going really badly, I’ll just think “maybe today it’ll blow its top, and kill us all”. Then I smile, because I wouldn’t have to worry about all the stupid shitty stuff going on. We’re all just ants, and that volcano is an M80 in our anthill.

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