Watch this group of pets transform into nerds


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Nerds or hipsters? You be the judge.


Srsly . . . I didn’t realize that “wearing a pair of glasses” was sufficient for a nerd costume, these days.


He tried stapling on pocket protectors but the animals just won’t sit still.


I want what they’re on!_


I don’t understand how these people wake up alive each morning. Do the pets not have access to were they’re sleeping?


I remember back in grade school days, the cute girl who sat near me was complaining that she hadn’t done well on the last spelling test. When I told her that I hadn’t done well either, she said. “Oh, I thought you were smart because you wore glasses. I won’t copy off you anymore!”


I’m amazed the cat stayed still long enough but also, why does glasses = nerd??


four dogs who will let you decorate them - okay, yeah, that’s neat
one cat that tolerates it - how in the hell was this feat achieved!?


There’s a special place in hell for people who make dogs wear costumes.


For a moment there, I thought those animals were real!


Cat: “Yeah, ok, I did just puke on everything you love plus your lap. I’ll let you have this one.”


and the human made a very good deal with this feline offer


4 cats and a dog, THEN I would be impressed.


What a nerd thing to ask.

slugs McGreens in the arm

puts on sunglasses and peels out on Harley


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