Watch a cat fling off socks in 10 seconds flat

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Some cats have their own socks (and it’s adorable), but I certainly understand this cat’s reaction.


Video link for the BBS

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Why would you do this? Cats, with few exceptions, hate to be dressed in human clothes. I have a hard enough time trying to get mine to wear collars.


When I was a kid, my aunt made a sweater for one of our cats. When we put it on her, the cat managed to get her back legs inside and frantically ran around just using her front legs, dragging her butt on the ground.

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I am fine with humans trying to put stuff on cats, because it’s a battle between equals, but I don’t think it’s a good use of your time. 99 out of 100 cats will make sure that you don’t get a single blurry photo out of it.


Kitten Mittens It's Always Sunny - Kitten Mittens - YouTube


I think not. Not by a long chalk, when it comes to dressing cats.

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Well, I’m assuming the human has more than one taser in this scenario

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How Droll, Cat, Snowman, Snowcat


Fair enough, that ought to just about even things up.

Cat to post galleys, approve storyboards, assist in keeping household supplies of shortened suspenders, neem oil dippity do, cyanoacrylate glue and children’s wool finery fresh. How is one to economically proof out filming a modern remake of Anne of Green Gables (with breaks for Atomic Blonde, Predator, and Moon,) without either illustrating it or co-opting the murderfloof?


Jazz prefers argyle.

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