Selfie stick in 1969 Czechoslovak science fiction movie


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All that cheek-kissing and French-speaking in a Czech film?


I’ll czech it out.

Definitely not French.
Albert Einstein se roku 1911 skutečně nacházel v Praze.


“everything that has happened before will happen again.”


Wow, an actual selfie stick. Not a stick that “if you squint at it and ignore the context in which it’s being used, kind of seems like a selfie stick.” If anyone had a patent on selfie sticks, that would be prior art kind of selfie stick. I’ve seen a few claims about supposed selfie sticks in art before, but it turned out they were what we call “sticks.”


My ears must be trickin me.


I have a terrible feeling an appearance in that film at that time was then considered a career-ender.


They say the next big thing is here,
That the revolution’s near,
But to me it seems quite clear:
That it’s all just a little bit of history repeating.


Roasted firefly onna stick, verra tasty!

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