Sen. Grassley on why working class people don't deserve a tax break - they'd blow it on "booze or women"


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“Chop chop,” goes Mr. Guillotine.


This is how you create a hereditary upper class.


Republicans typically project their own casual perfidy onto others.
I’m betting ole Chucky Grassley has an impressive liquor cabinet and dabbles in prostitutes, probably to the chagrin of his wife and mistress.


Routinely, the logic of some government employees defies reason.


…then he gave a shit ton of tax money to the ultra rich so they can blow it on mega yachts


These guys have really forgotten what was supposed to be the loud part and what was supposed to be the quiet part. Too bad nothing matters.


Spending money on “booze, women and movies” …
I guess he’s never gone dating.


God damn those poor people and their depraved moving picture shows.


The next thing you know, “those people” will be eating cake…for gawd’s sake!


:white_check_mark: Booze
:white_check_mark: Women
:white_check_mark: Movies

Plus he didn’t even DRINK the booze. At least when poor people buy the stuff they don’t pour it in the goddamn street.


The GOP has really dropped any pretense here, they are actively out to create an aristocracy. Heredity will determine class and voting power will truly be proportionate to wealth.


I don’t believe that he’s never met a jet-setting, coke-snorting, escort-banging or movie-investing trustafarian with more untaxed estate money than sense. Grassley knows full well that working class people lucky enough to leave an estate are already protected by exemptions to the estate tax (it’s the rare working-class person who leaves more than $5.43-million behind for his heirs).

People who inherit $5-million plus (approx. the largest 0.2% of estates in the U.S.) are the only kind of people whom Grassley and his GOP colleagues are"saving" with this tax plan. I hope someone calls him on his classist BS.


Chuck invests. In hookers.blow&


Even if that were true, “blowing it on booze and women” puts that money back into the economy, creating jobs. Hoarding it away and passing it on to your overprivileged children does nothing but perpetuate a parasitic class of kleptocrats.

Maybe I should take up Elon Musk’s offer of forty-acres-and-a-mule on Mars; I’m about done with this planet.


5.5 million on booze, women and movies? Now THAT is a party!


Movies too! Big-budget entertainment is one of the few areas in which the US still leads the world in exports.

Hollywood keeps bombarding us with messages about how movie piracy hurts the economy and now working-class people are getting shamed for actually supporting the industry.


…which come stocked with booze and women.


Actually he is right, with little I’ll get probably a night out with the wife and a nice bottle of wine.


Since at least the 1990s.

The ruling classes understand διαίρει καὶ βασίλευε…