Sen. Grassley on why working class people don't deserve a tax break - they'd blow it on "booze or women"

Please send Lawyers, Guns and Money.


I’ve been racking my brain to think of a productive, diplomatic response to this but all I can come up with is ‘fuck you’.

Perhaps I should try an introspective technique other than racking.


Kennedy, Bush, Clinton, Romney…

You’re already there. This is the upper class exerting their power.


Another name to add to the list.


Hmm I wonder why…

I suspect Grassley has more money than most people think and is now looking for a good way to pass it ALL on.


“His net worth is estimated at between $15.1 million and $42.3 million.Jun 13, 2003 - Millionaires populate U.S. Senate - Jun. 13, 2003


To be fair, booze and women are two perfectly fine things to be spending money on. Movies on the other hand; 2017 gave us ‘gems’ like the Mummy and the Emoji Movie?


Why you irresponsible poor. You should be hoarding that money so you can properly invest it someday.

Someday. When you get around to it. Maybe after a round of golf. Or if golf’s not your thing you can definitely come up with some investing ideas to lift the lower and middle classes while you’re cruising the Mediterranean. So relaxing…perfect for serious thinking…so…quiet…*snore*


Promises, promises.


The guy is 84, and a prime example of why the country needs younger lawmakers.


I’m sure guys like Mr. Trump came by their billions the old-fashioned way, scrimping and saving every penny from his middling salary, maybe doing a little Uber on the side, right?


So, yes yes, off with his head and all that. But also, people would blow their fortunes on women.

I believe women are still considered people, Mr. Grassley. Most even have money of their own to spend, which they earned at their very own jobs.


No, Grassley, the average American isn’t blowing all their cash on booze, women and movies. Firstly, because roughly half of the people you’re disparaging are women. Secondly, because they’re spending all their money on housing, electricity, water, food and transportation. You’ve just ensured that they’ll soon be cancelling TV and internet with your economy-crashing tax bill.

Iowa has a lot of farms, seems like a bad idea to rile up people who have pitchforks so handy.


I thought the tax break was to free up money for the rich people to spend it on the economy, this statement unintentionally reveals not only what he thinks about the working class but also reveals that he knows that tax breaks are solely an entitlement of the rich.


I thought that the whole IDEA of tax reform was to keep more money in the hands of the people who will spend it- thereby boosting the economy! When I spend money on booze, it goes to the liquor store who can employ people; it goes to the distiller, who both employs people and buys corn from the farmer in Iowa! So by me spending money on booze, it directly benefits some of Grassley’s constituents.


I spent half my money on gambling, alcohol and wild women. The other half I wasted.
W.C. Fields


Could have simply kept on being subjects of George III then…

Looking up projection, which is a Freudian concept, leads to a researched bias, the False consensus effect.

Can’t this be overcome by experience, say by a group or organization representing the working poor sitting down with him and working out a typical budget?

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You’re right about Kennedys, and of course Bush and Romney.

However, neither Bill nor Hillary Clinton are part of some kind of a hereditary upper class, much like the Obamas; they pretty much made their fortunes and succeeded on the mix of hard work, good luck, and talent.


Actually - your link does not support this high number, nor do others. That said - you can bet he surpassed the $5mil line at some point recently (maybe the NRA dumped some money at his door) and he’s now looking to set up his offspring.