Sen. Rand Paul's aide was stabbed and critically injured in D.C.

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  1. Hope the aide makes a full and swift recovery
  2. Thank goodness the assailant had a knife instead of a gun

Will the Republicans be able to resist politicizing this in really weird ways (for a change)? Fingers crossed, but things like this are usually irresistible to them, part of some bizarre effort to distract from ubiquitous mass shootings.


Bureau of Prison records show Neal was released from federal prison just one day before the attack. Neal was sentenced in March 2011 to 12 years in prison for forcing two women into prostitution, D.C. Superior Court records show.

WTF? One day???


It’s almost as if our prison system isn’t actually putting a lot of effort into preparing inmates to rejoin society as productive citizens.


Because he didn’t use a gun, the perp will not be characterized as a “lone wolf”; he’ll be part of some vast Democratic conspiracy. And there will be a bipartisan push for yet more policing.


I don’t care which party it is I hope the victim of such cowardice survives both the physical trauma and the psychological baggage that will go with this. The perp gets a one-way lifetime ticket to the worst of the federal hellhole prisons. I hope he IS NOT the target of prison justice, just kept in a shitty little cage forever with no hope of any release.


Not necessarily… whether or not he’s a “lone wolf” depends on the race of the perpetrator… also, since he attacked an aide for a conservative politician, it will most certainly be painted as part of a larger pattern of “violence against conservatives”, whatever the race of the perpetrator. Also, the term “antifa” will be used by Tucker Carlson (and others) to describe the attacker at least once, if not multiple times.


see above:

we’d all be better off if prison wasn’t a self perpetuating hellscape of violence.


Ah, yes. You are quite unfortunately correct.


This actually seems like it really is a ‘lone wolf’ situation, in that it was a spontaneous attack on the person who happened to be there in the moment. Not an attack on their political stance, or any personal reason. I’m sure the Republicans will acknowledge that distinction.

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At this time we would ask for privacy so everyone can focus on healing and recovery

“We need a few days to figure out how to blame Biden for this crime.”


Paul is extremely fortunate that they arrested the perpetrator, or his aide would’ve been “Seth Rich-ed” by Fox News and a ton of conspiracy… JUST KIDDING!! Democrats wouldn’t ever have been so cruel, heartless and manipulative.


Knives are also deadly and attackers have been known to kill multiple people with a knife. People also survive being shot too. The article said the injuries were life threatening. That being said it’s a lot easier for a gunman to kill many more people quickly (and sadly far far more common) than for an attacker with a knife.

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Much like other recent violent crimes, I’m waiting for the details on this, but I wonder if the assailant meant to simply cause a minor wound to go back to jail, because they didn’t feel comfortable out of jail anymore? I have read about people who feel that jail was where they were comfortable and thus committed minor crimes just to get back in.

… people like that can typically just hand a bank teller a note that says “gimme some money” and then make no attempt to escape

It takes some extra motivation to stab a dude :fearful:


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