Senate passes their Tax bill


I mean, this guy? Who else? /s



If they do, and I’m not saying they won’t manage, it will be a monument to the power of delusion.


Sorry if this sounds totally obvious, but these latest taxs cut reminds me of the early nineties, when I first heard about the Republicans’ strategy of cutting taxes while the government was in deep debt. In my ingenuity, I thought that it was not a responsible way of doing things. Instead, what they should be doing, if they wanted to reduce the government burden on the individuals, is to identify which government programs should be cut, and debt reduction and tax cuts would be the long-term consequence of those spending cuts. But, of course, doing it that way is difficult. Eventuality, I understood what they were doing: cutting government income was the easiest way to create a huge debt crisis that would eventually force cuts to government spending.

They are now back at it again with their dishonest trick: at a time of record government debt levels, they are cutting taxes without immediately identifying compensating spending cuts. But there will be cuts, most probably the first victim is going to be health insurance for vulnerable children; they are already saying that there is no money for that. And, after that, they will go after Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. They will not touch, they most probably will even increase, security spending and corporate welfare.

They are hoping that their voters will be blinded by their pittance tax cuts, without realizing that they will come at the expense of higher debt, more corporate welfare, and less social spending. Their are betting the country on the stupidity of the majority of their own voters. And I also think that, if they were correct about these cuts accelerating the growth of the economy, the result would be a bubble that would pop in a few years, causing a depression worse than that in the 1930s.

These are indeed revolutionary times. Right now, I have no idea how the United States will look ten years from now.


Indeed. I was shocked when I saw this had passed. It’s ghastly enough all on its own, never mind the little easter eggs the Repubs buried in it. :frowning: Is this the right place to post my room-for-rent ad…? i’m so sorry about this.
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It wasn’t just Democrats that didn’t get to read the whole bill.

Yay for #democracy


If you think that you need to go read a right-wing website. The reality exclusion field is amazing. The reaction to Flynn’s plea is still “but what about her emails???” They’re convinced that net neutrality is a lefty conspiracy headed by George Soros. There’s nothing left to reason with there.


Hey guys, have some sympathy for the private jet owners who really needed this so they could put in that last golden spigot in the washroom.


I have no idea how the United States will look ten years from now.

I do;


Democrats fume

Well, maybe that pack of useless fucks shouldn’t have sidelined the most popular presidential candidate in a generation or three for the most hated and least inspiring one. Fucken shit cunts can go piss up a rope, until their establishment wing realises nobody wants them and fucks off and dies.

Commiserations to every American with a clue. I can only hope this shit gets nipped in the bud somehow, and that this fucken madness doesn’t make it over the pacific again.


I’m curious, have you ever actually spoken to or even heard of someone who voted for Trump but would have voted for Bernie had he been running on the Democratic ticket?


A Possible Silver Lining?

Perhaps we should see these tax cuts, and the consequent social spending cuts, as an opportunity for progressive states to step up. States like California now have the room to raise the taxes of the top 10% and use those revenues to fund social and educational programs. California could move to a state single-payer universal health system and increase spending for all levels of education. A shrinking federal government is less of an issue if blue states take up the slack, without having to get approval from red states.

It is useless for me to try to convince my Democratic federal congresswomen not to vote for these tax cuts, but asking my state representatives for a state response may bear fruit.


Polls show that class of person actually exists in some numbers, oddly enough.

But far more important, the virtually unprecedented excitement around Bernie would have driven turnout for the Dems hard, and many Rs wouldn’t have been so motivated to make it to the polls if they weren’t voting against Clinton.

Fact of the matter is, and you can check this anywhere, Bernie would’ve won by ten fucking points. This was no secret - the blame for this shitshow should be laid squarely at the feet of the fucking corrupt DNC. They had such a hard-on for continued neoliberalism they threw away a sure bet for a dodgy gamble, the fucks.


I googled “would sanders have won” and got mostly a Trump pollster saying it this October. Hardly check anywhere, please link. And that higher turnout would be tempered by the older centrists who would not vote for a Socialist carpetbagging “their” party…

I have nothing but contempt for Liberals who withheld their vote from Clinton and let Trump be elected. This current situation is THEIR fault. You deal with the facts as they are, not what you wish they were. I’ve rarely cast a vote without holding my nose.


My anecdotal evidence supports what Kimmo says, I know one person who voted for trump that would have voted for Bernie (Hillary was for sure going to ‘take our guns’) and one person who would have voted Bernie but stayed home. I voted for Hillary but wasn’t enthusiastic about it.


Surely you could have mustered some serious enthusiasm for keeping that fuckhead out of the White House? I was not a huge fan of HRC, but was positive Trump needed beating. Why do people have so much trouble keeping their eye on the ball? This was not unique, it happened EXACTLY the same way in 2000, with the left unenthusiastic about Gore and after 8 relatively good years forgetting how awful the GOP is when it is in power.


Some people may have even been excited about choosing the first female president of the United States, instead of having to choose again between two old white males.

When I went to vote, there were a lot of women of all ages waiting in line, and they seemed to think that they were participating in a historical occasion.


It got me to the poles - no it didn’t, I vote by mail, but it would have. There wasn’t a lot for me to vote for in California last year and I usually don’t vote for Democratic presidential candidates even though I strongly prefer them to Republicans because it’s California and you know the democrat is going to win. But yeah, there was no way I was going to not vote against trump, and had I known that that one person was going to not vote I would have dragged his ass to the poling place (friend of mine who usually sees voting as a civic duty). It’s horrifying that not enough opposition was motivated to vote against him and I think not believing trump could win was as big of a factor in that as animosity to Clinton. I think it’s pretty certain Bernie would have won despite the usual - probably true - argument that there would have been more negative information exposed about him had he remained in the running.



Hope the Blue Collar Trump supporters feel the pinch in their livelihood. Not sure how they will blame the Leftists for the short end of the stick they are stuck with but they most likely will manage some type of dysphoria.


Every poll listed said it’d be a cert. Even fucking Fox had him winning by four points.



This tax bill is punishing anyone who derives income from labor and rewards economic parasites who derive income from rents.