Senate rulebook full of derp


Not just a “rulebook full of derp” but also a “rulebook to anticipate derp”. If you think there’s too much grandstanding in the legislature now, just imagine what it would look like without some of these rules:

  • One-ups-man-ship over who has the most, and largest flag displays
  • Battles over who stole whose flag displays
  • Entire rooms with walls covered with photos of political contributors

Since even they don’t expect their members to act like adults, it shouldn’t be surprising that they have to try to micromanage themselves. And, of course, to abuse that process as well to codify tax-funded benefits.


None of this seems crazy to me at all.


Otherwise I could understand most of the rules but what do they do with 50 picture frames?
The point about 100 magazines is actually quite sensible at least in principle.

Man, that would be a wonderful thing to take a photo of. Just imagine that.

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Immediately made me think of this (kinda tangential).


Why did this thread quote the not-so-crazy stuff? Putting the flag inside your office in the evening is appropriate; “if you want to sing in Senate spaces, you must obtain a waiver” sounds like there’s a specific story involved.

Another favorite of mine:

Music on hold is available to Leadership offices as an alternative to silence when callers to their office are placed on hold. The Leaders, Whips/Assistant Leaders and Conference Secretaries may select one program source from four available options. The selected program will provide music on hold to all lines within that office. The available music options are Light Classical, Environmental, Patriotic and Country.

There have been quite a few musical genres in the past 100 years…perhaps they should catch up to at least the mid-20th century.

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What key is ‘patriotic’ in?

Both keys.


I for one am glad to know that even former Senators can get a haircut in the Senate barbershop and enjoy a bowl of the famous Senate Navy Bean Soup in the dining rooms on occasion. It really makes the whole thing worthwhile, really.

I rather imagine their idea of Country is somewhat more patriotic than the kind of Country I like as well. They could probably just merge those two for conveniences sake.


Well, there’s merging, and then there’s merging. I wonder what they would do with:


If you want to put a U.S. flag or your state flag outside your office, the Senate Stationary Office can get those for you. But you have to bring the flags into your office every night.

That sounds like part of the basic U.S. Flag Code. Keep it clean, don’t fly it at night or in the rain, don’t let it touch the ground, etc. It’s all a bit quaint, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable for elected officials to show special respect for the flag that represents their nation and constituents.


and, for when you’re on hold with FEMA


Francis Scott


With a side of Freedom Fries.


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