Senator requests NASA investigation of Space Vikings


That’s quite a fishing expedition, Senator.


If only the Senate had approved Scandinavian-American Awareness Month, this could have been the most politically correct photo op ever.

I shot a time-lapse video that recently got posted a few places online. I indulged in reading some of the comments, and while most were positive, one of the most common negative comments would go something like “what a waste of taxpayer money!” This seems to be a knee-jerk reaction for a lot of people who are under the impression that anything that seems arty-farty must be suckling on some imagined government artist welfare teet.


Dear God Grassley is such a weenie. Republicans are so desperate to have wicked civil servants be the sole source of all of America’s woes. And it’s transparently obvious it’s designed to distract from the real issues and their real sources.

IRS. Star Trek. Lather, rinse, repeat.

In fairness, probably almost any investigation into whether agency X used money from somewhere in its vast and disparately managed budget for thing Y will cost more than thing Y itself - if thing Y cost more than such an investigation it would be a sufficiently big ticket item that agency X’s involvement would be stamped all over it.

It may be that occasionally having such an investigation (not specifically into photos of space vikings - that’s just silly) has a benefit though; if it produces an atmosphere where people at agencies A through X routinely consider whether their use of agency funds for this or that little project would stand up to scrutiny.

Please, PLEASE someone, anyone, put together a website that lists all the Senators and Congresscritters and then details all the STUPID things they do with our money. The 40 votes to repeal the ACA must be included, as well as personal spending on trips to mistresses and idiotic things like. Then voters can see who is a true fiscal conservative and who is a self-inflating gas bag.


can you send the senator the bill?

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I hate to break this to everybody, but NASA actually did spend a good chunk of change on space Viking photos back in the 70s.


I better watch out because I created several “artful” splash-pages for a government accounting system that I developed, which most Federal agencies use. Of course I did not spend 1 minute of official time for creating my splash-pages, but whenever I get complimented on them I respond with thanks, but I also mention that I created them in my personal time.

How does this even get on the Senator’s radar to begin with???

Well, aye, but this fucker’s barmy.

I didn’t think 12-year-olds were allowed to be Senators, but you’d never know that from Mr. Grassley’s Facebook account.

Senator Grassley’s Facebook feed

It fits his narrative of government being bad as it’s too big and wasteful. Part of the crowd that wants to strangle the federal government or drown it in a bathtub.

The only reason for reporting this is that it points out a single costly mistake made by an investigative process which would otherwise cast the spotlight of shame on the dozens, nay hundreds, of taxpayer funded faux-photographical whimsies emitted by NASA. All of which are available at, ummm, …URL anyone?

Somebody talked.

Chuck puts the “ass” in Grassley.

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