I’m an amendment to be, yes an amendment to be! (And I’m hopin’ that they’ll ratify me.)


Just to make sure I have this right, this bill was aimed at reigning in state surveillance and these are the guys who voted no. But it looks like the yays have it, though? Here is the bill summary, if anyone is interested:

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Needed 60 Yeas to pass, though?

On the plus side…


The plus side of no bills ever passing is that half of the bills are the ones you don’t like.


Can someone explain this bit of American politics to me? Do the Democrats not have a whip that can compel their members to vote responsibly on this?

The upper house of government has rules that require supermajorities in some circumstances. YMMV, but I tend to find those rules stupid.

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Well, I guess that Landrieu (shortly to be out of a job) would argue that she was voting to help her constituents in Louisiana (although not coincidentally, in an attempt to save her own job).

I don’t like whips. If the members aren’t allowed to vote individually, you may as well just let the Majority leader pass whatever they like and save on the salaries of all the others.


Fuckin A, right.
Even more so now that we’re connected in ways than no one could have thought possible just a generation or so ago.



Members of Parliament can defy their whip, but at the cost of being permitted to run under the banner of that party.


What about the current employees of the NSA, are they traitors too?


I certainly would have quit some time ago.

Of course, that’s probably tougher than quitting the Mob.


That’s right, cause it’s a cloture vote? Weird senate rules…

I’m a citizen & I’m totally cool with people outside that country giving blanket opinions. It isn’t disingenuous either, it was as frank as one word can be, he meant it and he, unlike most US citizens, has probably read up on this thoroughly & doesn’t pretend he hasn’t. Patronizing? Nope. Look those bad boys up wouldja?

Americans talk shit all the time, no one has to imagine it and no one bats an eyelid over it when it happens, which is all the damn time.

I’ll call any congress person a traitor. Unless you can point me at the one that doesn’t look after interests before people.


And I personally get pissed off when Americans do so. For instance, I hear all the time from friends about how Russia is raping Ukraine. I hear it enough to almost agree with Russia because these same people aren’t there holding America’s hands to the fire when we decide to annex other nations to be our proxies. I don’t like it, but as an American, I find it hypocritical to say anything.

As an american, I hope you are calling them traitors. I’d rather not hear about it from a Canadian whose country is trying to bribe my country into taking their pollution and calling our assholes traitors. If he wanted to hold his country to the fire for bribing our law making bodies, I’d love to hear that instead.

It’s not hypocritical if you criticise the American government when they do it too. Sounds like you do…?

I’m not American, but I live there. Am I allowed to criticise? I pay taxes…

Is my opinion more or less valid than that of an expatriate American?


I’m glad to hear you don’t like it when Americans talk shit, personally I do it all the time.

My point was national origin doesn’t matter, content is king or queen, or president, or prime minister, or whatever.

Man, it doesn’t matter if it’s a Canadian that is telling you the sky is blue just because some other Canadian tried to sell you a bridge. IS the sky blue?


Allowed to? Sure. Anyone is ‘allowed to’. Should? If you don’t like a place, you shouldn’t be living there. Its hypocritical. Hate the policies, don’t take their money and most certainly don’t give them money to perpetuate their policies.

As an American, at least I can vote to change the policies. As much as my vote is worth when every vote of mine is counterbalanced by two ignorant votes. I can say this…I was born here. Become a citizen…and vote. And maybe I’d care what you had to say.

Calling someone a traitor is something different that saying the sky is blue.