Senate Votes 51 to 48 to repeal Obamacare


Senate votes 51 to 48 to Repeal Obamacare
C-Span: January 15, 2017

“If you’re formerly a member of the middle class or stuck in abject poverty, the richest Senate ever has two words for you: Just die.”


The senators, will, of course, insure that they have access to healthcare that covers pre-existing conditions.

51 selfish assholes vote to repeal affordable healthcare for other people.


Rand Paul voted No, apparently?

ETA: ah, it’s a budget thing…


The Pauls votes are often a stopped clock, breaking rank and going along with sane goals for less sane reasons.


From what I heard on NPR today, it’s also a procedural thing. Paul doesn’t feel that such a measure should be wrapped up with budget matters. Keep the two separate.

Rand Paul has some not-so-sane goals for even less sane reasons. The headspinner is that Paul is probably one of the Democrats’ best hopes across the aisle for resistance against Trump’s authoritarianism–that is, if Paul’s verbal championing of civic liberty isn’t just a lot of hot air.


Hrm, I don’t recall him getting so active about procedure in the past, I wonder if he sees this as pork and is afraid how the vote might affect his chances of reelection back home.

This is seriously the most we have to hope for, hot air and faux-mavericky stunts.


May the good Lord take a liking to those who voted to repeal…


Can someone familiar with Senate procedure tell me why this wasn’t filibustered?

Is cloture not needed for a repeal? Has it just not gotten to that point yet?

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