VP Pence breaks tie, Senate votes to begin debating GOP bill to kill Obamacare in win for Trump


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I guess John McCain’s got his healthcare.


It is a crime scene all right. Inside the senate chambers.


This certainly would have been a nice time for him to finally earn that “Maverick” reputation he’s tried to cultivate all these years.

Instead he chose to ensure that he will be remembered primarily for

  1. Choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate, thus normalizing the ignorant populism that made a Trump win possible, and
  2. Supporting the fascists who robbed millions of Americans of their health care.


Update: Apparently John McCain was prompted for a speech after the vote and noted that while he is in favor of opening debate on the bill, he was not voting to implement it. Whoops!




So John McCain, who has a platinum healthcare plan under Obamacare, just voted to eliminate Obamacare and Medicaid for both people like himself as well as retired veterans.

How’s that tumor treating you, John?


Good job, assholes. If this eventually gets in law, I’ll be meticulously tracking every red cent I get back from tax breaks and be spending it to elect your opponents in '18 and beyond.


I’m liking how John McCain is getting the attention he deserves in all this. The only guy with nothing to lose went and bent the knee.



McCain tells senators: “Stop listening to the bombastic loudmouths … to hell with them!”

Why didn’t he start by not listening to that bombastic loudmouth in the white house?

…idiotic sons-of-bitches… There’s just no words to describe my feelings at the moment. (Ok, maybe too many words.)


TGOP will kill us all if we don’t get the VOTE out in 2018. I’m not f’ing kidding…


I love the justification of “We have to do something, we’ve been talking about it for too long.”

Do people learn nothing? Isn’t that how we lost Pluto?


America would be better off if he had been killed by a brain tumor.


In what way has McCain every been on our side?


“Well, its not like i need healthcare for that much longer.”


technically, it’s a gold plan. 3/4 subsidized by the government. the rest is out of his 190k salary, investments, speaking fees, and book publishing deals. that said, gold plans are completely out of reach in my household. i get mine subsided, too. a bronze plan. and, other than the once a year free physical, the co-pays are too high to be used for anything. and the deductible would leave me houseless if it ever came to that.

for a while, i was on the medicaid expansion. now that was good health insurance. for a time, i felt like i was living in a first world country again.


Besides the horribleness of removing desperately needed care from people like yourself -
Why in the world would McCain want to suck up to Trump - especially in his final days? The guy who made fun of your time as a POW? Wouldn’t you want t poke him in the eye on your way out?


…not since at least Keating, I suppose. There was a blip of integrity with McCain–Feingold, but, yeah. Fair point.

It’s all just so demoralizing.