Listen to senate gasp out loud when McCain votes no on health care bill

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I’m surprised they weren’t all arrested for making a disturbance…


People gave Senator McCain a lot of crap for coming back and voting to debate the issue.

That is what he voted for…to talk about it which is what we do in a democracy. Debate.

They had their debate and then he said no. Good on him


Almost better was seeing McConnell go from smiling to frowning.


tRump unfriended McCain, Bigly.


This is what we all hoped for; that McCain no longer has to face political consequences and tells them to stuff it.


Except there was no debate - Republicans tried to shut down all attempts at debate, arguing that, ironically, since no one knew what was in it, they couldn’t talk about it. He voted yes to kick off a process that was outside the usual democratic norms, no less. McCain also cast a previous yes vote, despite not knowing what was in it, and indicated he was open to voting yes again.
I don’t know if McCain was won around or was trolling Trump…


So after 7 terms in the Senate, he finally did his job. Good work if ya can get it…


I don’t know that a man should be praised for simply, and at long last, doing his fucking job.


“as well as come clapping from the Democratic side” (emphasis mine)

I expected something different on the video.


I’m all for intelligent debate of ideas, even ones I hate. Intelligent being the keyword though. He should never have voted to proceed on a bill when no one knew until the last minute what they were even voting on. There was no CBO score, no analysis, no facts to debate.

So, yeah, I’m going to keep giving him crap for voting to debate the issue, when the issue was not ready to debate, and had been kept secret until voting time so no one would be prepared to debate it. What’s the point in even having a procedural vote if you’re going to let people turn the procedure into a farce, then still vote yes on principle?


Except after voting to open debate and giving a speech about how things should be done and how he wouldn’t vote for the current bill, he voted Yes on the first attempt to pass the repeal and replace. Then he subsequently voted No on repeal only, and the final “skinny” repeal.

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holy crap, are you kidding? He’s a frickin Republican that basically just single handedly shut this down. Who gives a shit about the ‘debate?’


Look, the GOP backed themselves into a corner long before this vote. They spent six years spreading fear about how horrible Obamacare was, always predicting the “death spiral” that never came, and voted 60 times to repeal it knowing Obama would veto.

So now they have the ability to repeal and. . . they’ve got nothing. Six years of playing political games, they can’t replace it and they can’t even just repeal it, both would screw their constituents.

McCain voting “no” saved them some embarrassment-- he’s “the maverick” so of course he’s the one to vote no, but this is probably his last term in the Senate, so he takes the fall to save face for the rest of the GOP.


This video needs a melodramatic Dun-Dun-DUUUUN.


Can someone explain what’s happening here?
Doesn’t McCain have to vote when his name is called? Does he get to walk up and just give a thumbs down when he feels like it?

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or a dramatic chipmunk. MAKE IT HAPPEN, INTERNETS!


He did good today, but that doesn’t mean he did the right thing with his earlier debate.

Also, he didn’t shut it down single handed. Two other republicans voted no on it. We aren’t heaping them with praise because we knew they’d vote no.

Which doesn’t make any fucking sense, when you think about it. Surely we should be happier with the two people who said early on that, no, they would not like to destroy healthcare, thank you, rather than being all happy that the guy who flirted with disaster ultimately didn’t decide to bed disaster, but only after a long courtship process with disaster.


He’s never done his job simply.

No. And Yes.