'Kill the Bill,' shout protesters as U.S. Senate votes on starting GOP health bill debate


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/07/25/kill-the-bill-shout-prote.html


Its riding on McCain and Johnson to tip the balance.


“no photos. Delete your photos.”

Suuure. Just buy an Eye-fi SD card to autosync pictures, then delete them from the SD card when asked or when the card is confiscated.


Well, its going to be a tie 50-50 and Pence will break it to Yes.


I don’t care if he IS a former POW. John McCain is a chickenshit fucking coward who talks a big game but then obediently falls in line with the rest of his colleagues to destroy people’s lives like a good little boy.

Fuck him.


No, seriously, fuck John McCain.


… but … but he is former military. A hero!


Eye-fi is actually no longer in business, and the reviews of the Toshiba and Transcend wi-fi SD cards are not exactly glowing. Seems like there’s a void to be filled here.


Million dollar market for sure. It does seem there’s a use-case here by professional journalists and photogs (and even citizens) that needs to be filled. Add encryption capabilities and other features and it’s gold.


Why didn’t he just omit the periods in “D.C.” so he would spell out “great” correctly?



You seem to have confused the President with a man who thinks about things before he says or tweets them.


Maybe he meant “grt” as in “grate”.

That would make a lot of sense.


That was a campaign promise, if I recall correctly.


Photography is not a crime. Even when done at a crime scene. Which this wasn’t.


Authorities are pretty notorious for confiscating SD cards and cameras from journalists, or phones from citizens, and/or making them delete footage/pictures. It’s definitely not a new thing and i would hope that attending journalists disregarded orders to delete pictures.


WTF is with that delete the pictures shit. The GOP wants to shit on Democracy, then by all means lets have the pictures.


I wonder what imaginary law they think they’re invoking to forbid photos at a crime scene?


It’s like how you can be arrested for resisting arrest and only be charged with resisting arrest. Of course, the real crime is the suppression of news coverage.


If they couldn’t pass a repeal bill with a plan, how can they expect to pass a bill, without a plan?


More to the point, how would today’s photos of the Senate differ from yesterday’s? It’s just a bunch of old white dudes. They aren’t literally drinking blood. No, the only reason for preventing photography is to show contempt for democracy. There is no other objective.