Senator Tammy Duckworth, a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel, says she won't clap for "Cadet Bone Spurs"


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Hah! At first I thought “What does a jellyfish have to do with Donnie Trump?”.


Scoring points by making fun of our big, dumb president isn’t especially difficult – literal children are doing it every day – but the Senator’s burn is delightfully on point. I know very little about her politics, but I’d absolutely offer her a high-five.





Tammy Duckworth is almost a comic book caricature of a patriotic American. The kind of person Captain America would point to and say “she’s the REAL hero.” And I mean that in the best possible sense.

Also: she’s expecting her second child at age 49, which means she’s on track to be the very first person to give birth while serving in the US Senate. So many layers of badass.


Ditto that!


Tammy Duckworth jumps with US Army’s Golden Knights, Nov08, 2016 Photo: Reuters


Treason for not clapping, huh? Might as well step up to pointing and laughing, then…


perhaps slow clapping next year or non-stop clapping throughout the speech. I assume clapping is protected by the 1st amendment.


If angrily shouting “You lie!” at the President is protected speech, then not making any noise whatsoever is definitely an offense punishable by death.


Dear Leader Kim Don Dump will not tolerate failure to apply proper jubilation to perfect statements of authoratitive source!


If we just clap harder his presidency will live!



One is a spineless venomous pest which is a hazard to all humans in the immediate vicinity. The other is a jellyfish.


He did manage to score a “resolution of disapproval” from Congress for that, so not exactly protected.


White privilege in motion. If it had been a woman or minority, off with their head.


That was a major burn.


Wow…she’s pretty progressive…it’s amazing she ever got elected or allowed to run by the corporate DNC


Is that a verified quote?


Yes, I’m that old that I was there in Philly when he said it.


Wow, badass on many levels! Good for her!