Elizabeth Warren silenced by 100% of GOP Senate for reading Coretta Scott King's words on Jeff Sessions

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As wonderful as this backlash is, it will do fuck all for doing anything to stop Sessions’ confirmation.


GOP, someday karma will be sweet for you.


I thought they usually got Milo Yiannopoulis to round up some teenagers when they wanted a woman silenced?


There’s a speech that Dr. Syn, the Scarecrow, gives in the Disney series. He speaks of how a single pinprick is not effective against a tyrant, but a thousand pinpricks can be.

Not every effort must bear fruit or push back evil. Sometimes it’s good enough just to let evil know you’re willing to oppose it, even in losing battles.

Or to say it another way, think about the significance of the efforts of Jyn Erso and the ending of Rogue One on the greater Star Wars story despite [insert spoiler here].


Sick burn, dude. (How did you manage to resist calling her Pocahontas?)


Bullshit. You can’t peg that only on liberals.

After all, the racist republican party denied a black man his constitutional right to appoint a justice to the supreme court for nearly a year.

Your argument is weaker than wet toilet paper, and I’m embarrassed for you.


I guess Sessions is such a delicate little snowflake he can’t handle criticism. Good job McConnell is keeping the Senate a safe space.


Happy Black History Month!

…And by “happy”, I mean “unbearably awful”.


Just so we’re clear - though I’m sure you’re actually a shitbag - the below is considered part of the “liberal agenda” in your eyes?



The stated and practical agenda being carried out by republicans is voter suppression and intimidation. They’ve admitted it.

And seeing how president dumbass likes to call everything that opposes his fantasies liberal conspiracies, I’d say that this counts as a liberal plot to them.


Welcome to BoingBoing. Looks like you’re brand new here.


On one front this is kind of baffling to me:

  • Was not the document she read already in the Senate record from an earlier situation?
  • Isn’t a good chunk of the point for these hearings to see if there’s any aspects of the nominees worthy of impugning?
  • Does this mean that any Senator up for a cabinet position can’t be called into question due to their Senitorial status?

But putting in my more cynical brain it makes perfect sense:

Republicans show every sign of being lock step with no dissent. Essentially the mindset: We aren’t a bunch of separate senators representing constituents from different states, we’re one monolithic entity with one head. No outrage at proposed laws and candidates can sway us from our appointed course.

All those phone calls and protests, just a publicity stunt. They don’t really matter. No one can really stop us. 2 years or 4 years is a long time. Now everyone’s gonna do what we want, it’s our turn for everything. Debate is just something losers do for pretend. And frankly we’re getting sick and tired of all this playing around and stalling. Get off the stage woman and just let us have our way already.

In previous eras my impression was that conservatives were misguided on some points. But a bunch probably at least thought their policies, enforcements, and appointments would actually help most folks. It’s getting more difficult to believe that even they see themselves this way.
Trump just wants people to praise every blustery thing he does. Bannon apparently wants the world to burn. And the Republican congress seems set on shoring up relations with their financial interests and mutual back scratching as efficiently as possible before the end times overtake them, and doing so at the cost of every other piece of goodwill.


I thought Rule 19 had to do with brawling, not quoting people.




My two favorite comments:


I thought Republicans nowadays liked to tell the version of history where they were the real champions of the Civl Rights movement? Party of Lincoln, don’t cha know! I wonder why they never seem to bring up all the great stuff they’ve done for Civil Rights over the last 60 or 70 years.


Senator Sessions prosecuted Albert Turner because he altered mail-in ballots that he was “transporting” for some black voters in his district. This was against the law and Sessions was asked to help these disenfranchised black voters. Sessions is also responsible for bankrupting/ending the KKK in Alabama. So, no, he’s not a racist. Quite the contrary. Look into it to get the real story.


You’re the one with the burden of proof, I’d like you to show your sources.


I’d like to make some light hearted pithy joke about your little self introduction to Boing Boing.

But I’m kind of past that.

How dare you come here and lecture this community about “FACTS”.

Seriously. How the fuck do you dare?

If you aren’t one of the 0.01%, then the future is coming for you, just like the rest of us, and you will live to suffer for what you currently perceive as strength.

Mark my words.