The motivations of Senator Tammy Duckworth

Her war record is not that of a progressive. In a different time and place, there is no reason to believe Duckworth would not have been a loyal Nazi.

Duckworth served the war machine, not her country. She helped create al Qaida Iraq and ISIS, among other accomplishments.

Start a new post; talk about that there if you wish.

This one is about her tweet about 45.


“I swore an oath.”

Wnat a load of crap. The Constitution limits what she is allowed to do as a part of the US government. She did not obey those limits. Instead she killed for money.

Read the tweet. She cites her military record and an oath she betrayed.

The subject of this post is Senator Duckworth’s comment on not clapping for 45.

If you are anti-war, or anti-military, or even anti-authoritarian that’s fine; but it’s off topic.

Please move on now; I have no interest in conversing with you further, thanks.


It’s pretty hard to support she’s not progressive- especially in the context of Senators.


She’s a biracial woman who has sponsored legislation supporting Civil Liberties and immigrant rights while vocally opposing the fascist leader of her own country. I get that you’re anti-militarism, but likening her to a Nazi is about seventeen kinds of wrong.


What folks should be doing, is supporting the least worst politicians, until eventually they’re the worst.

If nobody voted for the GOP, a party to the left of the Dems would arise.


You mean by serving in the military? As a politician, one of her first acts was to publicly criticize Bush over Iraq policy.

i don’t agree with all of her positions or votes as a legislator, but on several occasions she has demonstrated that she has a very high degree of moral courage and sense of public responsibility, and your ill-mannered attacks on her character are glib and empty by comparison


Nazi militarism and modern US militirism have a lot in common. The context of the article is militarism, so comparison to Nazi militarism is valid, no matter what her politics are in nonmilitary matters.



It seems to me the easiest answer to the question “which contemporary politicians would have been loyal fascists in 1930s Germany” is “which contemporary politcians are loyal to the fascist in the White House right now?”


If she were a progressive on military matters, she would be publicly ashamed and repentent about her war record. So, even wiki is good enough to place her the scale of progressive to hawk.

Seriously citation please prove to me that her “war record is not that of a progressive”. I’m willing to learn.

Oh and wiki doesn’t count.


As far as I can tell @rp1588’s position is “anyone who served in the military during the George W. Bush administration would have been a loyal Nazi under different circumstances.”

I generally identify as a pacifist but that seems like shoddy reasoning to me. If we need to have some kind of military (and I don’t see any realistic alternative) then I hardly see the virtue of making it the exclusive domain of the far right. I want to see progressives and moderates in the ranks.


I asked you upthread, do you mean her record as a legislator or a soldier? If you are saying that to be a true progressive on military matters she needs to express shame for having served as a soldier, then say so.


Ditto and agree. I have several friends and family members that served and fought under GW and they were assuredly NOT the potential loyal Nazi types.


She did that singlehandedly?

Oh? It does? We have death camps for a particular ethnic minority? We force all members of the military into one particular political party?