The motivations of Senator Tammy Duckworth

Yeah, someone needs to read more about Nazis. It’s funny; the people who like to compare their opposition to the Nazis seem the least informed about them.


I know! It’s not like there is a dearth of historical works on nazis. I mean, if you really want to make money writing history, you write about nazis… that appeals to a broad audience.

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It’s why History channel is colloquially referred to as “The Hitler Channel”. No matter your slant, everyone is fascinated by WWII because it’s the worst thing to happen in human history. So far.

And their history of the nazis is still shite…

And aren’t they basically a channel dedicated to no history - just reality TV?

Maybe. It was pretty horrible. It’s hard to compare atrocities from different eras, though.

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That is true. I am just counting the number of deaths.

And conspiracy nuttery. Monster trucks. What have you.

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To be fair, I’d probably watch the alien guy any day over the endless nazi stuff.

I enjoy conspiracy theory stuff much like I enjoy sci-fi. “What a world it would be…”

If I had to recommend just a few of shows for WII, I’d pick, “The World at War” for its fair portrayal of the horrors of the war and usage of real footage (and I love the soundtrack by the Tony Hatch orchestra), and “Island at War” on BBC Masterpiece theater. Honorable mention, “Jeremy Clarkson’s Greatest Raid” for entertainment value.

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Did she commit any war crimes? Did she commit other criminal offenses during her service? Did she have a part in drafting the Bush administration’s war plans on Iraq? Was she in charge of the invasion, or the occupation thereafter?

The answer to all of these is, to my knowledge, “No”. That means she does not have anything to be publicly ashamed of, or repentant.


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