Retired Marine Lt. Col. Amy McGrath is running for congress in Kentucky

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Retired Marine Lt. Col. Amy McGrath



She has my vote.

Amy, if Kentucky is too stupid to elect you, come to RI…we’d elect you in a heartbeat.


Oh, I can’t wait to see the hysterical attack ads they’re going to run against her, claiming that she loves Nancy Pelosi and that she’s a secret member of ISIS. Honestly, I expect that level of response from them. They have no shame or honor.


I am extremely glad this is happening. While Andy Barr is great as a person, he is horrible as a politician. Most of his actions have a negative impact on the people of his (and my) district. From supporting predatory lenders, turning a blind eye to the environment, taking away our digital rights and more, it is clear he doesn’t represent us.

My main concern is that McGrath will try to be too moderate (like Ossoff) and won’t have much a message besides “I’m not him.” Whatever happens, the “left” needs to get its shit together.


Although she looks too young to have flown the F-4 that she is posing with…


Wow. Talking about a dickpunch! Nice work. If I lived there you’d have my vote.


They had no problem trashing Max Cleland in 2002: GA Democrat, war hero and triple amputee.
I’m sure they’ll find some way to knock her down.

“How can you elect her? She’s got kids. She’ll have no time”
“She’s not a blonde”
“Women Drivers, amiright? Who do you want behind the wheel?”



I’m never comfortable with ex-military people moving in to politics. Heck, I’m not comfortable with the general ‘support our troops’ dogma. There always seems to be jingoism, nationalism, votes to benefit troops or the military industrial complex in general that come with hiring former professional state sponsored killers as a lawmaker.
I feel like the question of good judgement comes in to play when someone volunteers to be trained and used to kill other people during a time of peace and for the benefit of a few large corporations. Manifest destiny was a crock then and it’s a crock now.


McGrath is the anti-McSally (AZ) who only cares about the A-10, taking away healthcare (“Let’s get this f**kin’ thing done”) and marching to 45’s whims. This video pumped me up.


More of this please.

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Maybe so, but this is just the sort of Democrat that can connect with people in a red state and undermine the GOPs momentum.


While I approve her general message I don’t get why “bombing Al qaeda and the Taliban” makes anyone a good politician in general and expert on healthcare in particular.


Perhaps but that sounds ultimately partisan. If they live the life or support the politics of imperialism and militarism, what are you getting? Are you getting a left leaning progressive or a right leaning nationalist? If the latter, what’s the benefit?


You certainly would have opportunity to vet those positions before you voted for her. Already in the ad her discussion of healthcare is more in line with my values than the Republican she is running against.


You forgot that she hates the United States military – where Democrats are concerned, it’s a spinal reflex.

I’m having very pleasant images of her and Tammy Duckworth strolling into the Senate together.

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There are an awful lot of those birds still in service, and even more than that twenty years ago.


Not my state, but I am a supporter of the “Not the incumbent” party. I do try to be careful about being a single issue voter. Having the same position on healthcare doesn’t qualify you to be a politician.
However, it seems she has been working on this track for a while now. Aside from her military credentials, McGrath graduated from USNA with a B.S. in Political Science in 1997, was assigned to Capitol Hill as a Congressional Fellow in 2011, worked in the office of Representative Susan Davis of San Diego (who you may remember voted for the National Defense Authorization Act that allows the government and the military to indefinitely detain American citizens and others without trial) as the congresswoman’s defense and foreign affairs policy advisor, holds a Masters of Arts in International/Global Security from The Johns Hopkins University and a Graduate Certificate in Legislative Studies from Georgetown University.
It looks to me like she’s been working on this for a while. My worry is that she is like her former boss Davis who gets elected as a Democrat and still votes for laws that violate our basic human rights.

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I’m not suggesting that Healthcare as a single issue qualifies her. I’m just saying what she has spoken on the topic resonates with me.


I trust you ARE referring to the plane and not to anything else in the picture.


(Sorry, but - in UK especially - the term ‘birds’ was much more usually heard in relation to women than planes in the not too recent past - and may well still be in many circles. It used to be ‘dolly birds’ to refer to young, attractive women. So your comment could be interpreted differently, by some, even if they were probably being perverse/disingenuous in doing so.)