Senator Tammy Duckworth, a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel, says she won't clap for "Cadet Bone Spurs"

No fan of The Donald but I couldn’t join ROTC because of my poor eyesight and an not a fan of the implication that those who can’t serve are cowards.

who on earth do you think is implying that?


Cadet Bone Spurs

So…you’re saying that 45 is somehow implying that… about himself???

Or, more likely… are you saying Senator Duckworth is implying that with her comment?

Because this ain’t about you; she’s making a valid criticism of the POTUS himself, not every single person who is legitimately unable to serve in the military.


Also, IMO she’s not primarily giving him shit for his draft deferments. She’s using his five draft deferments to point out how goddamn ridiculous it is that he wants to play at being an authoritarian strongman now


It’s 45’s flagrant hypocrisy that’s being judged here…


So you’d be OK with the BS they bandied around about Bill Clinton’s deferments because they really disliked him? If something is offensive out of context, it is still offensive in context.

Duckworth isn’t implying that Trump is a coward because he has a physical disability. She’s implying he’s a coward who avoided military service by falsely claiming to have a physical disability.

Remember, Trump claims to be the most physically fit President in history. He played football, tennis and squash in college and continues to golf with more regularity than anyone in the history of the office. The “bone spurs” claim he used to score five draft deferments is simply not credible.


‘Whataboutism’ doesn’t fly as a legit argument; stick to the actual topic, please.

The subject at hand is Senator Duckworth’s criticism of man who used his wealth and privilege to perpetually avoid serving in the military, yet he wants the ‘unconditional respect’ afforded to a monarch or a dictator, despite having done nothing to earn it.

You can be offended if you want; that’s a choice - but your feelings have no bearing on her message.


Various news accounts in 2011 also stopped short, and the first mention of bone spurs appears to have come from Trump this past weekend.

The fact that Trump was called for a physical within months after graduating indicates that there was a very real threat of him being drafted — long before the December 1969 lottery. Any deferment was more than “minor” then. And one big question is whether Trump actively sought the deferment by bringing a letter from his own doctor to the physical citing the bone spur problem.

So, shrug.

Let’s see if Trump can beat his McCain response:

“He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”


He also claimed to have played soccer.


For this analogy to work the basis of Clinton’s deferments would have to be an obvious lie and the nasty nickname would have to come from someone who had actually served but whose patriotism had been directly attacked by Clinton.

So, for example:

  1. Clinton lies about being a college student and Rhodes scholar to avoid the draft.
  2. After being elected President, Clinton says that wounded Korean War veteran Senator Bob Dole isn’t expressing ample patriotism by refusing to applaud Clinton’s State of the Union address and implies Dole doesn’t really care about the military.
  3. Dole responds by calling Clinton “Cadet Rhodes Scholar.”

I can dig it.

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I mean, if Bill Clinton ever insulted a member of the military for their service, I would be perfectly okay with them giving him a mountain of shit for his deferments and draft dodging.

The difference is that Clinton was cognizant of the fact that he was on thin ice with the whole “draft dodging” thing. He avoided it. Trump calls war veterans “losers”. Kinda apples and oranges.


I am just going to leave her official site here

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The difficulty you are having is that you aren’t tracking the fact that my concern is to Duckworth’s terminology (Cadet Bone Spurs) which could be applied to many perfectly OK individuals. Personally I’d use terminology that emphasizes his apparent fakery to gain an exemption. My reference to Clinton were to point out the hypocrisy of being OK with widely offensive terms when referring to General Fake News.

Incidentally there are a lot of us that remember the feelings young people had about Vietnam and don’t think Draft Dodger, Draft Avoided or even Deserter are terms of shame in relation to that war.

Your ‘concern’ is unfounded, and frankly it kinda smacks of some serious psychological projection; wanting to take it personally, as if she were somehow dissing you.

She was not.


You seem to be the one who’s intentionally missing the point of this entire post.

Senator Tammy Duckworth is disabled, from being wounded in service; I sincerely doubt that she would deign to punch down on anyone who’s genuinely afflicted with any kind of disability.

What you don’t seem to grok is that Senator Duckworth is ‘punching up’ against a duplicitous president who is obviously not fit to hold his position; one who likes to posture as if he’s a “great, fearless leader” - when in reality, he’s just an over-privileged coward who has “never served anyone, nor sacrificed anything.”

Considering that she has served her country bravely when he has not, she’s well within her right to criticize.


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Did you use a position of privilege to reapeatedly dodge the draft claiming a medical exemption (while at the same time supposedly being a pro level athlete)?


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