Sending out an SOS, rideshare out of Oklahoma City to Austin

Hi guys,

You might remember I was planning a trip down to Austin to do some painting, and posted a query about dealing with police and maintaining a distinction as “not vagrant”…

I was coming down from Wichita, KS to Austin, TX via rideshare, and had a pick-up fall through in Oklahoma City. Dealing with catching a ride here is quite maddening, as there seems to be a couple of homeless camps near the I-35 south exit, and I’m not gaining any ground with traffic, as they must think I’m just one of the riff-raff.
Just for information’s sake, I’m transporting/using an “art cart” I plan to use while there, which is basically one of those pneumatic-tire garden carts you can buy at Home Depot. Remarkably, it fits in the trunk of a new BMW (a guy named Chris gave me a lift from Tulsa to OKC in his – I appreciate it)!

Needless to say, I will be trying to remove myself from Oklahoma City as soon as possible, and think I will be walking down to Norman using Shields Rd/frontage roads until I get to their southernmost exit, where I hope there will not be any panhandlers to compete with. Further than that, I just don’t know how I’ll make the long distances on foot in this weather.

If anyone is headed my way, I’d sure appreciate a rideshare. I have gas money, am college-educated, and am fine to talk to as long as you’re not racist.
I happen to be using the computer station at the public library, so after I sign off here, I’ll be moving on. I can be contacted on a cell phone with the number (three1six) five7oh–4three4three.
If you just happen to be traveling, and decide to look for me along the roadway, please use the codeword BoingBoing when you meet me. I’ll be easy to spot, the guy with the green wagon.


Okay, here I am in Austin. Hell of a trip, with extreme highs and deep lows. Let’s say the “art cart” didn’t make it.

Two in two carts failed on the way down, so a nice couple I met in Pauls Valley are holding my gear until I take the train to go pick it up tomorrow. See? This is why Wichita needs its passenger railway back.

Okay. Getting down to business on Thursday.

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