Senior US immigration judge says 3 and 4 year olds can represent themselves in court


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I often allow my dog to defend himself after shitting on the carpet, I like to keep things legal around my home.


3 and 4 year-olds? admittedly, a bit of a stretch. but a 3/4-year-old? absolutely ridiculous!


Well, then we’d have to hire a translator for 3/4 year olds. Otherwise we’d be violating their civil rights.

The big question is, which will the the first presidential candidate to woo the 3/4 year old demographic? Because their opinion counts too.


Sadly, because being here illegally is a civil infraction rather than a criminal offense, the 6th amendment doesn’t apply.

Strangely, if we pushed to have 1 week prison sentences for being here illegally, all of a sudden it would be a criminal offense, the 6th amendment would kick in and 3 year olds (and everyone else) would have a right to a jury by their peers, a lawyer and the right to a speedy trial.


Actual headline, as displayed in browser (drags mouse, copy, paste):
Senior US immigration judge says Âľ year olds can represent themselves in count

Article say 3-/4-year olds. “Phew!”, thinks me, I thought he was talking about nine month-old kids.


I think Trump, 3/4 year olds are as a group poorly educated. Trump loves the poorly educated 3/4 year olds.


I hear Judge Weil only got that appointment in the first place because everyone thought he looked so adorable in that little robe.


I was going to say the same thing…Because 9 month olds might get contract law, but immigration law is just beyond them.


True. The Congressional Research Service noted that individual aliens could, however, potentially be found to have a right to counsel at the government’s expense on other grounds, depending upon the facts and circumstances of the case. At least four federal courts of appeals have opined that the Fifth Amendment’s guarantee of due process could require the appointment of counsel on a case-by-case basis for individual aliens who are incapable of representing themselves due to “age, ignorance, or mental capacity,” although it does not appear that any alien has actually been provided with appointed counsel, to date (2014), on this basis.


I could go on a rant but i think this will cover it:

Christ, what an asshole


Why do you shit on the carpet? Is it a dominance thing, or is it the Dog Court equivalent of “all rise”?


Judge Weil insisted that children as young as three could be taught the basics of immigration law…

And then we can employ them as judges. Judicial crisis: solved!


That’s not an excuse. If the government promises to do something, it needs to spend whatever it takes to do the promised thing. Either that or say they’re not promising to do the thing anymore.

The government isn’t a business. Nice things like human rights cost money. The government just has to suck it up and pay. BECAUSE THAT’S IT’S GODDAMN JOB.


hey judge ! die in hell !



Too true. But Rubio is pretty desperate, so I bet he’d welcome those 3/4 year olds with open arms.

As long as they aren’t illegal immigrants.


Christ, what an asshole!


The whole legal system is an actually enormous taxpayer expense. Best to do away with it altogether, let President Trump adjudicate according to how his gut feels.


Sounds like your dog has a better grasp of the justice system than this judge does.