Señor Patrick Stewart claims his gelato game is “on fleek”

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Typo in headline…unless you’re commanding Stewart as if he were a dog.



i don’t know how he continues to do it… just when you think he’s reached peak awesomeness, he raises the bar.


Is fleek is the latest social network? -&stupidoldpeoplesquestions {fleek}

Am I doing this right?


It looks like he’s in Siena. Hopefully got the gelato from Bar Nannini. And this is the only way to eat gelato.

Part of me wants to have him do a guest voice in MLP next to Discord and just throw in as many Star Trek references as possible.

And throw in Kate Mulgrew as well.

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Forget the Star Trek references. I’m still weirded out that he looks the same age as when he made Dune.



didn’t even now he was a Sith.

it’s of a hiphop origin, culturally. (Pretty sure it’s from either the south or Bay area, but I cannot defend that hypothesis, other than it sounds like what southern folks or E-40 would say.)

My reasoning/amateur etymological derivation is as follows:

use of “on” to denote mastery/control first became known to me in the late 80s/early 90s with the expression “on lock,” seemingly an abbreviated form of the prison term “on lock-down,” meaning “I am in complete control of this situation,” e.g. “I got the game on lock”=“I am in full mastery of the rap and/or dope industry.”

later, use of “on” in this context began to be applied to other words, such as “swole” (itself an abbreviated form of “swollen”) used by itself usually to describe big muscles (“Mr. T was swole back in the day.”) To have a thing “on swole” means to have so much of a thing as to not be worried about running out, and then figuratively to mean power etc “I got money on swole,” “My crew on swole.”

But, I dunno wtf “fleek” is, and my roommate (both of us fairly serious hiphop heads) is stumped, too. However, usage centers upon mastery of style/aesthetics. Locally, the hair salon that advertises on the radio says “girl, your curls are on fleek!,” e.g.

maybe that’s obvious, but that’s all I got ┐(´∀`)┌


Purported to be “patient zero” of “on fleek” memetics:


well, southern hypothesis confirmed, at least : )


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