Separated at Birth: Miracle Cure woman and Shelley Duvall




Troll. I mean you, Mark, not them… :smile:


wow a separated at birth reference that is right on accurate; God/Non-Deist spiritual entity, I miss Spy magazine…


Mark is correct and I encouraged him to post this. It’s not a slam on either woman! But it’s wild!


Where is Shelley these days? She apparently retired and dropped completely out of sight.


Here’s Johnny!


That’s Shelley Long. From Cheers.

Everyone should check out Gemma’s other videos.


I read somewhere, many years ago that each of us has about 8 other people in the world who look exactly like we do. How accurate that is I do not profess to know but I thought I would throw it out there for discussion.


Try Face Double on My Heritage. It can be fun. Or at least interesting. Unfortunately, you only get celeb matches, though, and those are ethnically a bit limited in their database, which is apparently biased in favor of English-speakers?

Anyway, I did this a long while back. I got Johnny Depp, Kate Bush, and Ingrid Betancourt. I don’t look exactly like any of them - nothing even close to the miracle cure/Duval doppelganger match. But I see why the system chose them - general coloring and features, bone structure (especially Depp). Apparently, Depp’s mother and Bush’s father are distantly related to some of mine. Betancourt was the least-matchy, I thought. But, her family and some of mine have inhabited the same tiny little area in France with a particularly well-documented genealogy for over 1,000 years. So, even that one makes some sense. Because, DNA. And Talking Monkeys. And History.


IMDB says she is living a “quiet life” in Texas.

I hope she has a chance to use her talents again.


Both are certainly very lovely


Judging by your avatar, I am one of your eight doppelgangers…


Ooh, talking monkeys!


A slam? So you’re not going to hurt them, you’re just gonna bash their brains in?


Gots ta love our own…

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