Sequence of rear-end collisions causes tanker to gush a brown liquid onto pavement

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I’ve had dash and rear cams on all our vehicles for several years now, beginning with my bicycle in 2015, then my motorcycle and now both our cars. You say strange, I say prudent.


A lot of…inattentive driving on display there.


This happened in Hong Kong in 2016.

Hong Konger’s here.

There was oil spilled on the ground from a previous crash, see the queues of cars on the right. Police were already on the scene. One Mercedes stopped to see what’s happening at the middle lane. Then everyone from behind were sent to destination fucked.

Car crash sight seeing + tailgating + oil spill + Honey Truck = Shitty situation

News back from 2016 with multiple dashcam angles. With reconstruction of the first original crash.


Poop truck rear camera, I see what was done there.


Code Brown


So it’s not that the driver with the rear cam who was initially struck here was “driving too slow”, as stated by the poster, but that this driver slowed because of the incident ahead of him/her on the road, which is when they were struck by the person driving too fast for conditions.

It doesn’t appear to be an incident ahead of them. They were driving slowly to gape at a line of cars alongside the road from a previous accident. If the recreation is accurate, the previous accident had been cleared and there was nothing in their way—they were just rubbernecking.



That’s why you try not too eat too much for 6 to 8 hours beforehand.

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google translate yields:

Two serial crashes occurred on Tai Po Tolo Highway within one hour yesterday, involving 12 vehicles and 4 people were injured. Among them, a suction truck was hit through a pipe in 8 vehicle collisions, causing a large amount of fecal liquid to flow out. The scene was stinking. When the firefighters arrived to rescue people, they were also busy opening their throats to reduce the odor.


Well – its because the first driver slowed to rubberneck at a previous accident scene that had 4 sidelined cars (safely) onto the left shoulder. And then the “too fast” car evidently rubbernecked also, without slowing. (Albeit, for all we know, the too-slow car itself had a too-slow car in front of it limiting its speed.)

Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation + gag reflex = I don’t want to imagine.

Season 2 Omg GIF by The Office


It used to be chocolate.

That’s why you ideally have something like this at hand in the event:

No direct contact, and the valve prevents blowback (if that’s the right word, but you get the idea) of, um, bodily fluids.
Mind you, if you do have to take care of an unconscious person who brought up vomit or has reflux you’ll have to clear that up before anything finds its way into their lungs.


Accidents aren’t the only reason to call a “code brown”, there’s always revenge:


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