Speeding out-of-control truck like something out of horror movie

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Anybody know what kind of truck that was?


My initial guess on most dash cam footage is Russia.

But the truck seems to have signage over the cab that is not in the Cyrillic alphabet.

It looks like the car braked suddenly for the puddle.


The rear gate appears to say Tata, which is an Indian brand.


Aquaplaned. Surprising just how well he kept it under control - looks bad, could’ve been so much worse.


I was thinking something along these lines. If not India then some Asian country. There’s also some palm trees in the background, a guy in a motocycle and the guy recording is also on a moped or bike of sorts so the Asian country seems to make sense. I tried looking at the text on the buildings and its just too blurry to make out.


When i lived in Vegas people would regularly speed while it was raining or just after when the roads were still wet. I would regularly see accidents as soon as it rained because people just did not think to drive with caution.

I hydroplaned once while driving going about 50-60 mph. I let off the gas and coasted and thank goodness the car did not go out of control. Scared the hell out of me.


Yup, I was both surprised and relieved to see it wasn’t worse. Hell of a scare, the sedan gets its side door bashed, but otherwise no casualties.


Drivers ed instructor told me the first rain to come down is dangerous as oils, dirt, dust and other debris on the roadway mix with the water making it especially slippery.


That’s nothing - check this vid posted today on Jalopnik involving a 14-car pileup on the Nurburgring: https://jalopnik.com/watch-a-harrowing-massive-pileup-unfold-at-nurburgring-1820397933
Those cars are really moving. Thankfully nobody died.

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It’s somewhere that they drive on the left, so India is a good possibility. A lot of the countries in the area drive on the left.


I’ll just use the shrubbery lane to overtake this sedan, what could go wrong?


I had heard that too, in Vegas its particularly dangerous since it doesn’t rain for most of the year.

Good thing he was smart enough to use the bushes on the right as brakes.

Better than going on the other side and plowing into the motorcyclist…

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Water? Pfft.

You don’t need water to act like you’re hydroplaning!

Just 72 hours without sleep, some alcohol, a bit of dry pavement and pedestrians, and some steering over-correction.

For when you wake up in a panic as you run through a red light at full speed, while your dashboard bookshelf rearranges automatically.

Or slam into a retaining wall, overturn melodramatically, and realize you’ve socially embarrassed yourself by sustaining serious head injuries … this time … yet again.

From the place where they use people’s heads as speedbumps, and the videogame sounds of “leveling-up” in Mariokart on their combination GPS in-car televisions.

Where pavement markings and stoplights are mere trifles. Where vehicular ping-pong is a full-contact body-sport.

Stunned. Oblivious. Stunned. What’s the difference, anyway?

Made in Korea. Where iPhone screens and exploding Samsungs come from.
Because life is just one giant $#!+show.

Autoramic: the Series.

In dry climates oil builds up in the road and then when it rains water displaces it to the surface, making it dangerous even for vehicles with decent all-weather tires.

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Definitely India. The truck type, colour and make confirm that. To add to it, the island foliage is Indian as is the typical striped painting on it.
Then, the roadside “shop” in the middle of all the mud is a typical Indian “Dhaba” where drivers of such trucks chill while on long distance drives.


Driving on the left it can’t be Russia Most likely India as suggested by @Foggen

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