Serena Williams on police killings of black Americans: "I won’t be silent"


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I have no problem understanding the text.

Yes, clarity and proper word usage are important, but they’re not as important as getting the message across.

There’s a handful of errors, but it’s perfectly understandable English; I don’t know why you suggest otherwise.


Sure reads like English to me.

That is an interesting question.


No, that was English. You’re just being a racist troll.


When somebody says something you can’t bear to listen to, sometimes the noise in your head rises up to drown them out. Then you can ask yourself why they don’t make sense.


Which bit were you having problems with? I can get confused real easy by stuff too, especially when my brains stressing or whatev. :confused:

So if ya need it explained, just let me know, happy to help you out. :smiley:


Pray tell, what was it then?

Especially since no one else who has commented thus far seems to have had any difficulty whatsoever comprehending Ms. Williams’ words.

And by the way, it’s English, with a capital E; if you really want to sit in judgement on someone else’s compositional skills.


And, if pedantry won’t get me banned, the alphabet is composed of Latin characters, not “english letters.”


If we start pedantry: S. Williams isn’t the top-ranked player, Angelique Kerber is.


It wasn’t the mere pedantry; a good chunk of the members who comment here are pedantic as fuck, a lot of the time.

It was the intended recipient.

But yes, you are quite correct.

The original comment seems like a just flimsy-ass excuse for the negative criticism, which is probably more about the sensitive subject of Serena Williams’ message than it is about how she expressed it.


Bingo! But probably the commenter is not aware of this, not that difficult, point.

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Oh… somehow, I tend to doubt that, Stynx.


It means acknowledging you have had read and understood the message.


I need a ‘sarcasm sign’ sometimes.



Yeh, me to. I shouldn’t forget it. :wink:



Nice. Very nice. :slight_smile:


Don’t thank me, thank Imgurians. They’re the real heroes.



Looks like someone got banned for a bit


Apart form all the, not needed anymore, OT spam above, I think it is a strong message and I hope it will reach a lot of people.
Somebody like the first, now eaten, commenter is probable beyond saving or even understanding what she says. But I do really hope there is a big gray area of reachable people between such types and the people who immediately say “Hell, yes, good wording!”.