Why are offensive words banned?

In British English the word c*nt is an extremely important word - without it talking about certain politicians or other talking heads is almost impossible. You might as well ban the air I breathe.

Could whatever wet blanket moderates the forum reconsider the word policing?

And what’s so special about this one? I can say cock wank titty fanny but c*nt is too shocking? I don’t get it.

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It plays very differently in American English. Despite not literally meaning anything different.

I do not actually know why.


I think that it has to do with the misogynistic uses of the word. We don’t mind bad words, per se unless they are also discriminatory.



I appreciate that certain words carry significance to certain cultures, groups, or regions. But that nuance is lost in text and forums, and you cannot separate that word from the inherent misogyny behind it.