Seriously elaborate, steampunked coffee siphon


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Dear Steampunks,

Don’t fuck with my coffee.

Yours Truly,




I do not want a delicate, tea-like cup of coffee. If I did, I would drink tea. I want coffee that puts hair on my chest. Tea is mud.


I take my coffee like I take my men… strong and black… umm waitaminute.


“…hot, dark and rich.”



Well, to be fair, the coffee was ground this morning, too.


From the instructions:

You’ll know it’s ready when … the coffee at the bottom has begun to bubble at approximately the pace and strength of a kitten’s heartbeat.


I see what you did there.


Coffee siphons are still pretty common in non chain coffee shops here in Japan. No idea where this “tea like” idea comes from.




The reason you occasionally see these advertised on eBay as “Belgian” or “Royal” is that they were designed by a Belgian manufacturer (and active internet coffee forum participant) many years ago based on classic designs, build by hand, and called by him “Royal”. His balance brewers were very well made, but cheap Chinese knockoffs like the one here outcompeted him and put him out of business.

I bought a contemporary variant he designed, Il Cafetino, as a wedding gift for a friend; it used springs instead of balancing for controlling the brewing operation:

Thanks to, his old website is preserved; it includes things like details of the production process.

[quote=“Boundegar, post:4, topic:90773”]
I do not want a delicate, tea-like cup of coffee. [/quote]
Syphon machines are quite capable of brewing a very robust cup. Just use more coffee.


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