Seriously, Greenpeace, what the actual fuck?

I don’t know what you could possibly do to be more counter-productive to your cause.

Agents provocateur wouldn’t do something this fucking stupid.

Nice fauxpology too.

“The surprise to us was that this resulted in some kind of moral offense


“What can I do to get you into a renewable energy car today?” If you’re trying to convince someone to act, you always need to consider their point of view, and often, what’s in it for them. Unfortunately, some groups like Greenpeace and PETA, in my opinion, grow to completely lose sight of that. They end up alienating most people.


Greenpeace have had their heads up their arses for a very long time now. I’m sad, but not surprised.

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Stunt based advocacy.

Not a good sign.


Greenpeace are spineless fools these days. I do think it’s slightly complainy though, in the context of this:

“Not even the President!!!*”
*but sometimes pigs and squatters.

Greenpeace’s take on the whaling issue is pathetic. They’ve done squat to save whales in the southern ocean while Sea Shepherd have saved thousands of whales.

They went ahead and stepped on our hummingbird, and looking at the pictures we can see there’s very severe damage

I would like to see actual evidence of this “very severe damage” being caused by Greenpeace before I leap to any conclusions. Like, before and after shots. I find it a little hard to believe that an archeologist studying the site would be party to “very severe damage” under the circumstances.

Thank you, but I can’t get the video to play. Just a black box in the middle of the screen. Perhaps it’s not a linux-friendly format?

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U-Choob link from @jerwin’s linked page. -

Hey, I switched to another machine and got the video you and @jerwin provided to work. Thanks to you both! The PC I was using before was built for music format conversion (I rip cassettes to 44.1 kHz/16 stereo FLAC files with it) so its a/v subsystems are a bit nonstandard.

Looks like the complaint is valid, although the statement that they stepped on the hummingbird seems to be completely bogus. There was no direct damage to the figure itself, and the damage that exists not at all obvious until pointed out.

I think Greenpeace definitely deserves the bad press they’re getting for this, although I’m far more upset about the places where somebody’s been four-wheeling.

Well, there is that whole part where that’s exactly why SS exists.

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Their stated position on whaling is that they now reject protest activities in favour of legal challenges, and actively discourage the actions of Sea Shepherd as unproductive to the cause. I emailed them once about it and got friendly boilerplate about how that’s their current stance on the matter. Since the Japanese are summarily ignoring the ruling of The Hague on the matter, I literally wouldn’t care if the Japanese Whaling fleet was sunk and everyone on board drowned.


Sure, that’s why the SSCS split off from Greenpeace (more or less), many many years ago.

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