Sesame Street takes on Jurassic Park in latest hilarious parody

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Seems kind of late, how old is that film now, ten years?

The first one, more like twenty years. But there are trailers in the theaters now for the fourth one.

Quality television, right there.

Spoiler alert: the ending when the kids look out the window and see snickerdoodles flying over the ocean is particularly haunting.

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While I always find these parodies kind of cute… I think you and I have very different definitions of the word “hilarious”, Caroline.

So? Jurassic World is out/coming soon!

I thought it was funny!

You might (as I do) prefer the Avengers one.

The Avengers one was better, but even that was more in the “That’s cute and I got a chuckle out of it” than “oh man I lol’d!” This one isn’t even bad, I just question the use of hilarious to describe it. :slight_smile:

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