Sessions declares new Trump war on 'leakers'


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I can only assume this will go about as well as his “war on drugs”.


Not to mention the war on immigration and all the other wars on things that only made the things they were trying to fight worse.


But if the mainstream media is fake, why does it matter?


Obviously the wrong type of leakers.


“staggering number of leaks undermining the ability of our government to protect this country.”

I call bullshit. The leaks embarass Trump, and have no national security value.


Leaking information that embarrasses the President is a matter of national security. You know what else is a matter of national security? Having an embarrassing President.


Some of them genuinely are problematic. Remember how Trump farted out codeword-classified intelligence to the Russian foreign minister? The source of that information won’t be as forthcoming in the future.


Well in the example you cite Trump was the “leaker”. Go ahead Sessions - prosecute away.


For the love of god if you are in the media or the government or just know something, LEAK IT! Oh and cover your ass!




Hang on… Attack against the journalists too? How does that work?

“One of the things we are doing is reviewing policies affecting media subpoenas,” Sessions told reporters

Divulge the leak source or face jail time.


Wildly successful? It did achieve its true purpose.


Everybody wants to leak on tRump!


Phew! As long as the US legal system is held in check by… uh… the US legal system… everything should be OK?


One can only hope that the imbesillic incompetence at the top of the justice department inspires strategic incompetence at all of the levels below.


Hey Sessions, here’s an idea: one way Trump could end the leaking is to stop acting like such a goddamned idiot.


It’s 100% unanimous then.


President Pence won’t be nearly the idiot that Trump is.


Well, he’s made his first move and the game is afoot. I think he’s just getting started so the worst is possibly yet to come:

It doesn’t have to go well for him, it just has to sow enough FUD to close the shops and put the brakes on the legalization movement.