Trump wanted Comey to throw journalists in prison


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I think we’ve hit an inflection point.

Staffers who were sitting on juicy nuggets of impeachment fodder are going to be jamming into each other in doorways. Less fear, more motivation to save their own asses.




I’m sure he and Erdogan had a lot to discuss in this regard. He’s just too childish, thin-skinned and impatient to arrange things so that the media and political opponents self-censor, like his idol Putin has done.


so when he leaks classified info to journalists and they publish it, that’s a sting operation!


“I love wikileaks.”

– Donald J. Trump, Oct. 10, 2016




He’s made it clear it’s only a “classified” leak when it’s information that makes him look bad. He doesn’t seem to understand the whole “classified” thing.


If Trump leaks it, then (based on recent farce) it’s no longer classified, therefore…


I don’t think he understands much of anything. From the reports I’ve seen he doesn’t seem to know that the stuff in his daily briefings is classified, or even what it means or how it was obtained.


Maybe he should follow through with his plans to “open up the libel laws” so that he can take all their money.




Well, reportedly he doesn’t read the briefings - even the one-page, all bullet-points and graphics versions. One can joke about how stupid and lazy and incompetent Trump is, but reality always seems to do one better.


And from the assorted right-libertarian internet champions of the First Amendment…


Selective enforcement isn’t a thing since Trump though …

i.e. Manning vs Petraeus


Its almost as if they have no idea what they are doing.