Seven influential filmmakers helped early on by federal arts funding

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Sure, films are nice, but on the other hand tax cuts are tax cuts. You can see President Trump’s quandary.


I was going to try to highlight the callousness of the currently proposed budget by quoting the Budget Director when he said

We can’t ask unemployed coal miners or single mothers to keep paying for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.[/quote]

By angrily adding my own next lines

But then, I researched the quote, to be sure I had it right, and damned if he didn’t go there his own fucking self in the same press-conference.

It’s hard to shame someone by pointing out their cruelty when they consider that personality trait to be a feature, rather than a bug.

:rage: :cry: :sob: :rage:


Or fund a tax cut for the rich or corporations.


Is there some way that we can reclassify war as performance art, so that they’ll accidentally cut the military budget at the same time?


Or fund the EPA as part of a “War on Climate Change” since they keep funding the military billions more then the military itself asks for?

I could picture no. 45 touring the Navy’s newest “warship” and commenting, “It’s funny, but this aircraft carrier looks different than the last one I toured…almost like a research vessel…”


My request for federal funding of a documentary extolling the virtues of tax cuts has really put him in a difficult position. I’m feeling pretty conflicted myself and don’t expect that to go away until the check clears.


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