Weird undersea life photos and videos from NOAA expedition


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Well they better cut that budget before it’s too late - those jellyfish cause global warming, you know.


Wow. I am a bit sad that I didn’t become a marine biologist every time I see footage like this. Lovely.


Just sell the evangelicals that the department is actually called NOAH, and that they’re studying the aftermath of the great flood…



“By the way, the White House is proposing a 17% cut to NOAA’s budget.”

This and many other important programs, groups, and other efforts. It’s easy to dismiss all of these budget cuts and say that the research/work that all of these groups do isn’t as important as (Whatever thing a politician is trying to shill), but when looking at the big picture one can clearly see what is at stake. The pursuit of knowledge, science, art, health, etc is a main driver for progress… cutting these back slowly over time is easy to miss but dangerous.


And I’m not trying to be facetious but those budget cuts will also mean job cuts. I’m reminded of something my grandfather would say every time he heard someone complain about the expense of space exploration: “They’re not taking the money up into space and leaving it there.”


The argument over waste of taxpayer money is a fair one. Ill informed and misplaced however. I’m sure there is some level of waste, but it is nowhere near as obtuse and inefficient as the military complex where money just up and vanishes and no one even bothers to do proper book keeping. I realize i’m preaching to the choir here, but just news of budget cuts to important research and institutions always bothers the hell out of me


I find I can’t even enjoy science anymore because I keep thinking of all the cretins who have it under siege.


It was never about wasting money. It was always about keeping the public uninformed so tycoons can pollute with impunity.


the surprise comes when the behemoth comes out of the darkness and everybody jumps


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